ILS Pune’s class of 2012 has reportedly seen only 20 placements so far for 105 total students, reported the Indian Express. The 131-strong batch of 2011 apparently secured 60 jobs, plummeting from 2008's 100% result.

Veteran ILS campus placements-visitor ONGC allegedly complained of a decline in students’ standards.

Principal Vaijayanti Joshi blames it on lack of the college’s autonomy and funds (being affiliated to Pune University), while students say it is due to lack of infrastructure and “exposure” when compared with the national law universities. [Express]

The law college was one of the five law schools felicitated by the Bar Council of India last month in its golden jubilee celebrations, for “outstanding contribution to legal education”, as first reported by Legally India.

In July 2012 Legally India reported on difficulties faced by several law schools to attract recruiters, amidst increased competition and a slowing economy.

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Like +15 Object -26 Word 08 Mar 13, 16:31  controversial
its obvious this has been a crap college for a long time.. more like some "hari lal run-the-mill register your name and get degree" university
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Like +7 Object -7 Arizona 08 Mar 13, 17:25  controversial
am dissappointed Kian that you publish comments like the ones above.
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Like +5 Object -5 kianganz 08 Mar 13, 16:33  controversial
Could it be that the problem at ILS (and elsewhere) is the economy and increasing supply of lawyers from national law schools, etc?

Surely, a lot of students are struggling, even at national law schools nowadays, no?

See this:
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Like +10 Object -5 Acapulko 08 Mar 13, 16:34  interesting  controversial
Were placements from other Law Schools compared before arriving at this conclusion that ILS was in a decline?. What if recruitment across all law school have gone down? Will it then be right to conclude that one law school is declining?
And are placements the only criteria to determine whether a law school is thriving or declining.
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Like +5 Object -2 Wendell 03 Aug 13, 21:06
No. No. No. Yes.
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Like +9 Object -6 key story 08 Mar 13, 17:03  controversial
I think another interesting story here is that the BCI just feted ILS. Goes to show how out of touch the BCI is!!
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Like +14 Object -3 ILS STUDENT 08 Mar 13, 17:18  interesting
Very poorly written article. With no justification to its intention. Reporter seems very confused, she first states that there is decrease in placements at ILS and then she says about bci award and bad scene of placement in all colleges.

Further reporter also fails to take into consideration the following factors:

1. Reporting "ILS Pune in Decline" : Just because Placements have decreased? How?? Check the rank of ILS ranking in all the MPL. Also check what foreign universities have to say about ILS.

2.Merely on the basis of some ALLEGED COMMENT of one placement-visitor (ONGC) and too without quoting who in ONGC said that. Please note that even in 2012 ONGC placed a student from ILS. Ethically the reporter should have taken views of more recruiters.

3. Comment written by Kian is 100% correct that there is an overall decrease placements in all colleges including all NLS.

4. Please also take into the fact that number of new law colleges opened across the country. The companies are getting the talent at cheaper rates.

Please note that a college should not be judged according to its placements only. ILS students are going for further studies to best colleges in the world. ILS students are going for judiciary and civil exams and they are doing well also.
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Like +3 Object -0 Z 08 Mar 13, 23:56
While I may or may not share your feelings, I have a single question for you:
Do you know that the 19% figure is correct or not?

If it's correct, then the factum of poor placements (due to whatever reasons - economy .. etc.) is established.

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Like +2 Object -2 kianganz 08 Mar 13, 17:32
Please read the original Indian Express article linked to above, which appears qutie well-researched...

All we did was reproduce the main points of that article, plus put it in perspective of some recent legal education news.

If you disagree with any of the facts in the Express article, please do share the correct facts.

Best wishes,
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Like +1 Object -6 GLC 08 Mar 13, 22:22
GLC Rocks. Even with such a university and infrastructure problems we place around 75 % of our students. And people say our college is "going to dogs".
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Like +9 Object -0 normal 09 Mar 13, 00:35  interesting
That's because you guys are in Bombay and most of you can afford to spend 7 months of your final year interning. Most ILS people would be placed in Bombay if they could do the same!
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Like +2 Object -3 Guest 09 Mar 13, 15:10
its not about hw ur clg doing.. ils competition is not just wid glc.. so chill .... glc is nt within frame ryt nw so dun bring it on unneccessarily.
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Like +14 Object -1 #stopthisnonsense 09 Mar 13, 01:52  interesting  top rated
ILS, Pune has a 85% quota for Inside Maharashtra students, which means there are only 15% seats avaliable for students from other parts of India. It is a given fact that the competition is so stiff that only students who clear the souring high cut-offs can get admission in ILS. Secondly, the college (established in 1923) is affiliated to Pune University and has no autonomy which means it has to function within the framework of Pune University.It is a given fact that the students or the management for that matter, have no say in the curriculum, exam pattern or the evaluation procedure. Placements can vary from year to year depending on the market conditions and competition so on and so forth. What people fail to notice is that inspite of all these things working against us, we have maintained our position as one of the top 10 law schools in India. We do moots, debates, research and writing competitions better than the so-called N-school genuises. What LegallyIndia has failed to report is how many people from this batch in ILS got acceptance from renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and the like for their masters or how many students were already placed through pre-placement offers. BCI has its own standards which a lot of N-schools claiming to be better than ILS still lack. We are not spoon fed, like most students in these N-schools merely capitalizing on the name of their college. We are not corporate sell outs. And just because LegallyIndia reported a decline in our placements, that certainly does not reflect on our potential.

P.S. The figures are not accurate. Plus the academic year isn't over yet.
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Like +3 Object -1 Prachishrivastava 11 Mar 13, 10:50

Thank you for your comment.

We chased ILS Pune's placement details repeatedly last year, but to no avail. Legally India covers everything that students of a graduating class are pursuing (including desk jobs, LLM, clerkships, etc.) in placement stories, as can be seen here -

Provided law school placement coordinators respond to us.

We welcome the placement coordinators for the batch of 2013 to get in touch with us, for a more comprehensive coverage this time around, like all the national law schools we have reported about.

In the meantime, we found this Indian Express story relevant enough to reproduce.

Best wishes,
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Like +1 Object -1 busy bee 09 Mar 13, 09:14
Kian you are spot on when you say that placements overall are poor because of the economy. That is why it is a big suprise to me that LI has mostly steered clear of doing a macro-level analysis of the problem. Maybe you are reluctant to criticise the government's pathetic handling of the economy and not pursuing reforms for 10 years, or maybe you think this will set the cat amongst the pigeons and encourage the government to allow foreign law firms, to boost job creation amongst youth. Either way it is not good journalism. You have interviewed ministers and policy makers before, but you must ask them such tough questions. Everyday there are articles in the papers about how unemployment amongst middle class youth is leading to all the protests and how this will have a huge impact on the 2014 elections, so please don't shy away from this.
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Like +5 Object -4 Guest 09 Mar 13, 15:00
This article is complete crap kian... the quality of ils is more than awsome and they better speakers than a lot nlu's like gnlu rml etc. A baseless article on LI... kian u shud chk the quality of articles... and too for clg with repute.. this might hamper the career of students studying AT ils...
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Like +4 Object -1 Guest 09 Mar 13, 15:02
and let me correct u d placement last year of more than 60%... with avg. salary revolving around 5 lakhs...
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Like +6 Object -3 Guest 09 Mar 13, 15:05
ILS is one of the mecca of litigation vch N-schools fail to do... doing better dan mny colleges (NLUs) vch cnt evn encourage their students to pursue litigation ... what an idiotic article this is....
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Like +3 Object -6 Guest 09 Mar 13, 15:08
This article is a very bad piece of juornalism... it is reflecting as if LI is deciling with standards rather than ILS.... publishing a story for ill-reputing a law college just to sell ur websyt...
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Like +15 Object -6 EX ILS 09 Mar 13, 18:20  interesting  controversial
There is no reason to get so emotional. Are people divorced from reality? ILS is such a sham its not even funny to describe. Most of the faculty is incorrigible. The campus is like a wild life safari. Terrible Infrastructure. Most seats are reserved for some quota or the other. Quite a few students who shine out make their way through means unknown into the college. The students define the college. The college is nothing better than a junk yard. If I were given a chance again, I could do it very differently. And I am working at one of the Tier 1 law firms and at a senior designation. The National Law Schools dont provide any out of the box champs. Its all the same. They are probably more focussed, and have some sense of discipline. Things are hopeless everywhere but not as hopeless as at ILS.
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Like +11 Object -2 ILS Student 11 Mar 13, 12:22  interesting
It it regrettable that such news, was published by the the Express. This piece of news, apart from being largely baseless, wrongly portrays a very biased picture of the college which deeply affects the students as well as the faculty.
The whole story came to limelight just because ONGC, a regular recruiter at the college expressed it's displeasure at the quality of students, regrettably, to the media. Agreed, some students may have fallen below the benchmark, but that does not mean that the standard of the college has gone to the dumps. Using the same yardstick, wouldn't it be wrong to claim that NALSAR students have become hopeless at mooting, based on their MPL rank this season? I am sure legallyindia understands that the quality of reporting by even reputed newspapers and weeklies is anything but accurate (law school rankings by India Today, Outlook, etc.) There may be a variety of reasons for a particular outcome, and picking up just one drawback and glorifying it often clouds out other relevant aspects of an issue.
The annual fees at ILS is around 10,000. Compared to other law schools, peanuts. My SALUTE to a law school that provides top quality legal education to the poor, who unfortunately cannot shell out Rs. 2 lakh an annum for the 'oh so great' National Law Schools.

ps. ILS just won the NLU Antitrust moot and also the Best speaker award. We're 5th at the MPL table. Kian, please add the points :)
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Like +2 Object -3 Student of ILS 11 Mar 13, 17:21
The report by the Indian Express is absolutely spot on. ILS as a college is no longer a premier institution for Legal Studies, infact, it is living on past laurels. The college has absolutely lost its sheen and is beset by politics of the worst kind with sycophancy as the only method to get moots as well as internships not to mention placements. Though, the teachers may not be expressly conscious of this fact, but nonetheless, it is a fact which can be vouched for by the students.
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Like +3 Object -2 ILS-an 12 Mar 13, 17:03
The best students of ILS, those who excel in academics and other activities, those who excel in moot competitions, want to do litigation. They do not seek placements.
Only those students who wish to be placed choose to join placement through the institution; these also include those with very good performance in academics and activities.
We all at ILS are proud of the fact that the best of ILS-ans will join the profession.
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Like +0 Object -0 ILS student parent 06 May 13, 16:40
While placement index is not necessarily a TRUE indicator of increasing credibility or decline of an institution, we must remember that it is dependent on several contextual factors for the year - quality of outgoing students of the current batch, placement process itself, market conditions , the companies that visited the campus this year , the criteria or for that matter the expectations /perceptions of the company personnel representing the visiting companies, the no of students / the quality of students that opted for placement etc.

it is but natural that any institution that has build its credibility , brand and quality over the years - sustains it and takes effort to improve on it.. Going by this argument , a certain consistency is expected in placement index irrespective of contextual factors. Time for ILS faculty and students to reflect on what went wrong this year and to take necessary steps for the next year and not just rest on laurels or any defensive thinking. Parent
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Like +0 Object -0 rajat bohra 21 Mar 14, 20:33
which college is best for 3 year undergradute 3 year(llb)course and plz tell me about 5 best 3 year law college
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 21 Mar 14, 22:46
^ IMO, I feel GLC has a really good three year law degree. Or ofcourse Campus Law Center, DU. The advantage of GLC is the running internships which you can do at the number of law firms near the college.
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