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ICC Trial success for Nalsar: MPL win out of contention?

Nalsar Hyderabad rocks runner-up, best speaker and best defence counsel at International Criminal Court (ICC) Trial Competition The Hague with NLSIU winning best memo.

Nalsar Hyderabad finished as first runner-up at the ICC Trial Competition with speaker Anjaneya Das winning awards for the best overall speaker and the best defence counsel.

NLS Bangalore won the best memorandum in this Tier 2 world class moot of the MPL 2 sponsored by Allen & Overy. The final rounds of the moot was telecast live on the ICC website last Sunday.

Nalsar took home a total of 50 points from this moot: 25 points for finishing runners up, 20 points for the best overall speaker and 5 points for the best defence counsel.

This makes the Hyderabad college a strong favourite to yet again finish as MPL toppers this season and NUJS Kolkata would need a minor miracle at Vis Vienna to mix up the game.

NLSIU Bangalore won 20 points for winning the best memorandum award at the ICC moot, now being just one point behind third-placed NLU Delhi.

A good performance at Vis Vienna or Manfred Lachs Asia Rounds could take NLSIU to third position, ahead of NLU Delhi.

The Nalsar team consisted of Chand Chopra, Anjaneya Das, Niharika Malik and Sarvani Desiraju and the NLS Bangalore team had Linda Beatrice Louis, Krishnaprasad K.V and Diwakar Kishore.

Note on Jessup points: Team MPL is still concluding final deliberations on Jessup scoring after final results have been announced by the organisers. We hope to update these later this week.

Allen & Overy is the sponsor of the MPL 2 and is hosting an international finance and corporate course at Nalsar Hyderabad between 4 and 8 July.

Mooting Premier League 2 season standings

Pos Law school Pts Details
1 Nalsar Hyderabad 239 [ICC Trial] (Runners-up, Best Speaker Overall, Best Defence Counsel); NLS Arbitration (Semi-finalist); Jessup International Rounds (10th Best Memorandum); Stetson World Rounds (8th best oralist); ISRO Manfred Lachs (Runners-up, Best Speaker); Leiden-Sarin (Runners-up); Amity (Semi-finalist, Best Memorandum); SP Sathe (Winner, best speaker); NLU-J Antitrust (Winner, best memorandum, best speaker); GIMC (Runners up); KLA Moot (Winners); BCI Moot (Winners);Jessup South (Runners up);NLIU-Juris Corp (Best speaker); Stetson South India (Winner), Nani Palkhiwala (Winners), Surana Int\'l Minority (Semifinalist); Surana Tiral Advocacy South (Seminfinalist)
2 NUJS Kolkata 179 Vis-HK (Honourable Mention for Best Respondent\'s Memorandum); Jessup International Rounds (Quarter-finalist, 16th Best Memorandum, 29th Best Speaker, 36th Best Speaker); Fiat Justitia (Winners, best memorandum); [NLU-D Corp Law] (Runners up); NLU-J Antitrust (Semi finalist); KLA Moot (Best Speaker, Runners up);BCI Moot (Semifinalist); Commonwealth International Rounds (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); Jessup North (Runners-up, Best Memorandum); Oxford-Media India Round (Winner); Commonwealth India Rounds (Winners; Best Memo); Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Best Memo, Best Speaker, Semi-finalist)
3 NLU Delhi 162 NLS Arbitration (Best Memorandum); Jessup International Rounds (Octa-finalist, Overall Best Applicant Award, 9th Best Speaker, 17th Best Speaker); Leiden-Sarin (Best speaker); Herbert Smith (Runners up, Best Speaker); Fiat Justitia (Runners up); DM Harish (Semifinalist);KLA Moot (Semifinalist);Jessup North (Winner, Best Speaker); KK Luthra (Runners up); HNLU Moot (Winner, Best Speaker, Best Researcher) Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Semi finalist) Henry Dunant (Runners up)
4 NLSIU Bangalore 161 [ICC Trial] (Best Memorandum); [Vis-HK] (Honourable Mention for Best Respondent\'s Memorandum); [Nalsar-NFCG] (Winner, best memorandum); Oxford Media Law (Semi finalist, Best speaker); ISRO Manfred Lachs (Winner); Herbert Smith (Semifinalist);GIMC (Semifinalist); DM Harish (Best Researcher);BCI Moot (Runners up);Jessup South (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); KK Luthra (Semi finalist); Oxford-Media India Round (Runners up, Best speaker); Stetson South India (Semi-finalist), Nani Palkhiwala (Best Speaker), Rizvi Moot (Winners)
5 ILS Pune 94 Jessup International Rounds (30th Best Speaker, 56th Best Speaker); Amity (Best Speaker); Raisoni (Runners up); Surana IT (Semi finalist); Surana Corp (Best Memorandum, Semifinalist); Jessup South (Winners, Best Memorandum);Stetson South India (Semi-finalist), Surana Trial Advocacy South (Winners)
6 NLU Jodhpur 86.5 ELSA-WTO Asia Rounds (Best Memorandum Overall, Best Memorandum Complainant); Amity (Runners up, Best Researcher); Herbert Smith (Best Memo, Semifinalist);Fiat Justitia (Super six); Surana IT (Runners up); Surana Corp (Winners); GIMC (Semifinalist);Oxford-Media India Round (Semi finalist, Best memorandum); NLIU-Juris Corp (Runners up); Maritime International Arbitration Moot, Sydney (The Sarah Derrington Encouragement Award)*
7 HNLU Raipur 84 Nalsar-NFCG (Runners-up, best speaker); Red Cross Moot (Runners up); ULC Moot (Best Memorandum, Best Researcher);BCI Moot (Best Female Speaker);Oxford-Media India Round (Semi finalist); NLIU-Juris Corp (Winner); Henry Dunant (Winners)
8 NLIU Bhopal 83 Nalsar-NFCG (Semi-finalist); NLS Arbitration (Runners-up); Herbert Smith (Winners);ULC Moot (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); Stetson North (Semi finalist); HNLU Moot {Semi-finalist) Nani Palkhiwala (Best Researcher), Surana Trial Advocacy North (Winners, Best Speaker), Henry Dunant (Semifinalist, Best Memo), Rizvi Moot (semi-finalist)
9 GNLU Gandhinagar 80 Nalsar-NFCG (Semi-finalist); NLS Arbitration (Semi-finalist, best speaker); Pro bono Moot (Semi finalist); Raisoni (Semi finalists, Best Memo); DM Harish (Winners); BCI Moot (Best Memorandum, Best Male Speaker);ICC Mediation (Special Award for the Team Which Best Acknowledged Cultural Differences);Commonwealth India Rounds (Semi finalists); John Marshall (Winner, Ambassador Round), Nani Palkhiwala (Semifinalist), Surana Trial Advocacy North (Semifinalist)
10 RGNUL Patiala 77.5 Pro bono Moot (Best Researcher); SP Sathe (Runners-up); NLU-D Corp Law (Winners, best memorandum (joint), best researcher); Surana IT (Semi finalist); DM Harish (Runners up);KK Luthra (Best speaker); Stetson North (Semi finalist, best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (Semi finalist); Surana Trial Advocacy North (Runners up), Rizvi Moot (best speaker)
Legend: T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 (total points won in each tier); Pos (Position); W (Wins); R/u (Runner-ups); S/F- Semifinalist; B S (Best speaker); B M/R (Best Memorial/Researcher); HM (Honorable Mention & other equivalent awards); Pts (Points) For more information please refer to the MPL 2 rulebook.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 11:28
Hey Kian which teams from India have made it to the Asia Pacific Rounds of Manfred Lachs?
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Like +0 Object -0 sanjay.khan.nagra 19 Apr 11, 11:59
We've been informed that GNLU, NLU Delhi and Amity have qualified based on the memoranda scores. To confirm the same, we had contacted the organizers. However, they refused to confirm the results saying that doing so would be selective and that they can confirm only after the moot concludes.



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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 12:55
RGNUL, RMLNLU and HNLU have also qualified
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 14:03
Before ICC, NALSAR was at 189 thus if according to the article NALSAR has been awarded 50 points then the final tally should read 239 and not 229.

[Yes, you are correct. This was an error that was introduced unintentionally during editing and has now been corrected. -Ed]
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 14:14
As per MPL calender at, MPL 2 is stretched till Oct-11 Manfred Lachs, however it was shared in one of the comments that MPL 2 would end after NFCG-Nalsar. LI pls clarify when does MPL 2 end?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 19 Apr 11, 14:17
The last Lachs in 2010 was part of MPL2.

The Lachs coming up in Oct 11 will be part of MPL 3, because MPL largely goes by the academic year and the time that most moots take place.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 20:54
There is a huge difference between the top four and the rest. This shows that the top four have done exceptionally well and have been consistent throughout the season. And ya congrats Nalsar, way to go juniors. Well done guys, proud of you.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 21:07
congrats. this is true and we congratulate nalsar for this. awesome job. the nalsar rcc needs to learn from other people in their college....
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 21:50
after jessup, in which nalsar wasnt awarded honourable mention for best applicant memorial prize, now LI hasnt given points for honourable mentions to NLS and NALSAR for Best victim's side and best defence side. kian, could you please tell me what is your criteria? you give honourable mentions to 56th best speaker but not the best victim's side/ defence sede/applicant memorial. whrs the fairness u always talk abt?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 19 Apr 11, 21:54
Jessup scores are not yet final for exactly that reason, please read the last paragraph of the story:

"Note on Jessup points: Team MPL is still concluding final deliberations on Jessup scoring after final results have been announced by the organisers. We hope to update these later this week."

Best regards
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 21:57
And what about the best defence team and best victims' side honourable mentions then?
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 19 Apr 11, 22:50
NALSAR too made it to Asia Pacific Rounds of Manfred Lachs !!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 00:14
There is a big difference between an honourable mention and Best defence team and Best Victim's representation, the latter two being an award for excellence as opposed to qualifying above a certain threshold.. If hon men's are being given points, seems only fair that these should as well.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 00:47
"21 teams" participated in ICC Trial!

The number of teams that participate in VIS vienna are around 250 and jessup it is 120(in world finals itself, total number being 600).

That should explain the difference in level of competition.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 02:10
Nalsar's Chand Chopra also bagged the "Best Victim's Counsel". Therefore please amend you points table to reflect this.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 03:31
Its really sad that u are completely ignorant abt the facts. 21 teams participated in the world finals, they were selected after a preliminary round in which colleges from all over the world participated. These 21 teams were selected after that. so the competition was between 21 BEST teams of the world and not just 21 ordinary teams. please comment only when u know complete facts. and come on! nalsar has done india proud in the moot, we should rejoice on the rather than belittle nalsar's achievement. please stop this "mine is better than yours" fight for once!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 03:39
These moots should be removed from MPL.

Most of the Indian colleges dont even send their teams to these international moots because of lack of funds.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 03:47
the number of teams in ICC are short listed after a written rounds.
unlike vienna not everyone can come and take part, there is a proper elimination test.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:11
firstly i am not initiating my college is better than yours fight. I am happy for the NALSAR team. And i do accept with out any hesitation that NALSAR is any day a better college that what i studies in.

However i want to emphasize the fact that a moot is neither prestigious not competitive merely because it happens in a foreign country. And to compare ICC trial to moots like jessup and Vienna is preposterous.

sorry if i sound arrogant but it is you who is actually ignorant about the rules of participation.

2 teams from a country are allowed to participate. only when there is more than 2 teams from a country participate there will be a regional rounds. (anyways there are 3 teams from India which shows they are not that strict)

Even assuming there were regional rounds there were only "10 countries" that participated!

and their national rounds are not like jessup's regional rounds they are just elimination rounds organised by colleges them selves. if they dont arrive at a conclusion then IUCN will send a question(!) to teams

i am copying the rule for your perusal

"As per Rule 5(a), only two teams per country are allowed to participate. In the event of more than two teams from one country seeking registration for the ICCTC, a special procedure in the form of a preliminary selection round can be organized by the competing universities themselves. ICLN will not initiate such preliminary rounds; this is within the discretion and responsibility of the competing universities within the country concerned.

b. If no preliminary round is organized by the concerned country under Rule 12(a), then each team from that country concerned shall receive from ICLN a problem-solving question on Monday 8 November 2010."
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:17
@16- "21 best teams" you make it sound so cheesy.

@ 18- rules say that elimination is by teams participating themselves and not by a written rounds.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:26
an honorable mention at vienna is any day bigger than victory at these moots.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:38
I can smell something burning. Are you from that law schools from Calcutta? How many times do we have to tell you, stop comparing urselves with nalsar-nls. you are not even in that league. :-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:41
the 'question' is a problem in itself. needs teams to draft a memo. and nls and nalsar both have points for best defence council and team?? aren't those to be counted.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 04:41

NLS also made the semis of the IALSA Space Law Moot, organised by Ricky Lee, won best memo and best speaker. Since LI gave points to performance at Leiden-Sarin (!), they should definitely give Tier 5 equivalent points for this.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 20 Apr 11, 09:08
Yes kiam please add and update what #24 is asking for or else looks like heavens will fall!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 01:51
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 03:52
Breaking news - NLS into the last-16 at Vienna.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 05:03
@27 what about NALSAR and NUJS? Btw which law schools in India have won international moot courts.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 05:16
NALSAR also won Best Victims' Team, and NLSIU won Best Defence Team. I don't think those points have been added.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 05:28
@ 28

No clue about Nalsar and NUJS.

NLS won Jessup in 1999 and NUJS won Vienna in 2001.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 05:46
@ 30 - It was 2003 when NUJS Vienna. I hope you wrote that by mistake
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 06:14
ILS was runners up at Vienna in 2009.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 06:20
@ 31

Sorry, mea culpa.
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Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous guest 21 Apr 11, 07:19
Update: NLS goes out at in the Vienna Ro16 on a split.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 abhijnan.incognito 21 Apr 11, 07:36
Update: NUJS goes out in Round of 16 as well. Loses to Belgrade.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous guest 22 Apr 11, 15:09
NLUJ also made it to the Asia Pacific rounds of Man Lachs.. So I guess there are going to be 7 Indian teams out of 20
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous guest 23 Apr 11, 10:15
What did Niharika Mallick win this time? And Krishna Prasad? These people win everything they do!
Reply Report to LI

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