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HNLU wins jackpot at HK Red Cross Moot as Symbi, ILS battle at GH Raisoni

HNLU Raipur finished runners up at the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot and jumped from the eleventh position to the fifth position in the MPL 2 standings sponsored by Allen & Overy. Meanwhile Symbiosis, Pune won its first moot this season at the GH Raisoni Moot.

Red Cross Moot

The first Tier 2 moot of this season saw only one Indian team out of 20 teams globally, with HNLU having qualified after winning the Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition in September of last year.

HNLU’s team (pictured) picked up a massive 25 points for its place in the finals, taking it to fifth place in the MPL 2.

Victoria University of Wellington from Wellington, New Zealand eventually won over HNLU in the finals.

image Lucia Fan from the Hong Kong Red Cross confirmed the results and said that the teams were impressive. The moot was co-organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in collaboration of the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

G H Raisoni

It was an all-Pune battle at Nagpur when Symbiosis Pune defeated ILS Pune in the finals of the GH Raisoni Moot.

GNLU Gandhinagar won the best memorandum award and finished as semi-finalists. Baroda School of Legal Studies was the 35th team to enter the MPL 2 by winning the best speaker award and finishing semifinalists in the moot.

Sankalp Anantwar from GH Raisoni Law School confirmed the results and said that 20 teams from all over the country participated in the moot. The moot problem was related to copyright laws.

ELSA Moot:

We have been informed that two Indian teams have won awards at the ELSA WTO Asian rounds. However, we are still waiting for an official confirmation from the organizers.

Allen & Overy is the sponsor of the MPL 2 and is hosting an international finance and corporate course at Nalsar Hyderabad between 4 and 8 July.

Mooting Premier League 2 season standings

Pos Law school Pts Details
1 Nalsar Hyderabad 134 SP Sathe (Winner, best speaker); NLU-J Antitrust (Winner, best memorandum, best speaker); GIMC (Runners up); KLA Moot (Winners); BCI Moot (Winners);Jessup South (Runners up);NLIU-Juris Corp (Best speaker); Stetson South India (Winner), Nani Palkhiwala (Winners), Surana Int\'l Minority (Semifinalist); Surana Tiral Advocacy South (Seminfinalist)
2 NUJS Kolkata 119 Fiat Justitia (Winners, best memorandum); [NLU-D Corp Law] (Runners up); NLU-J Antitrust (Semi finalist); KLA Moot (Best Speaker, Runners up);BCI Moot (Semifinalist); Commonwealth International Rounds (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); Jessup North (Runners-up, Best Memorandum); Oxford-Media India Round (Winner); Commonwealth India Rounds (Winners; Best Memo); Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Best Memo, Best Speaker, Semi-finalist)
3 NLU Delhi 101 Herbert Smith (Runners up, Best Speaker); Fiat Justitia (Runners up); DM Harish (Semifinalist);KLA Moot (Semifinalist);Jessup North (Winner, Best Speaker); KK Luthra (Runners up); HNLU Moot (Winner, Best Speaker, Best Researcher) Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Semi finalist) Henry Dunant (Runners up)
4 NLSIU Bangalore 86 Herbert Smith (Semifinalist);GIMC (Semifinalist); DM Harish (Best Researcher);BCI Moot (Runners up);Jessup South (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); KK Luthra (Semi finalist); Oxford-Media India Round (Runners up, Best speaker); Stetson South India (Semi-finalist), Nani Palkhiwala (Best Speaker), Rizvi Moot (Winners)
5 HNLU Raipur 74 [Red Cross Moot] (Runners up); ULC Moot (Best Memorandum, Best Researcher);BCI Moot (Best Female Speaker);Oxford-Media India Round (Semi finalist); NLIU-Juris Corp (Winner); Henry Dunant (Winners)
6 RGNUL Patiala 72.5 SP Sathe (Runners-up); NLU-D Corp Law (Winners, best memorandum (joint), best researcher); Surana IT (Semi finalist); DM Harish (Runners up);KK Luthra (Best speaker); Stetson North (Semi finalist, best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (Semi finalist); Surana Trial Advocacy North (Runners up), Rizvi Moot (best speaker)
7 NLIU Bhopal 72 Herbert Smith (Winners);ULC Moot (Best Speaker, Semifinalist); Stetson North (Semi finalist); HNLU Moot {Semi-finalist) Nani Palkhiwala (Best Researcher), Surana Trial Advocacy North (Winners, Best Speaker), Henry Dunant (Semifinalist, Best Memo), Rizvi Moot (semi-finalist)
8 ILS Pune 66 [Raisoni] (Runners up); Surana IT (Semi finalist); Surana Corp (Best Memorandum, Semifinalist); Jessup South (Winners, Best Memorandum);Stetson South India (Semi-finalist), Surana Trial Advocacy South (Winners)
9 NLU Jodhpur 60.5 Herbert Smith (Best Memo, Semifinalist);Fiat Justitia (Super six); Surana IT (Runners up); Surana Corp (Winners); GIMC (Semifinalist);Oxford-Media India Round (Semi finalist, Best memorandum); NLIU-Juris Corp (Runners up); Maritime International Arbitration Moot, Sydney (The Sarah Derrington Encouragement Award)*
10 GNLU Gandhinagar 59 [Raisoni] (Semi finalists, Best Memo); DM Harish (Winners); BCI Moot (Best Memorandum, Best Male Speaker);ICC Mediation (Special Award for the Team Which Best Acknowledged Cultural Differences);Commonwealth India Rounds (Semi finalists); John Marshall (Winner, Ambassador Round), Nani Palkhiwala (Semifinalist), Surana Trial Advocacy North (Semifinalist)
11 NUALS Kochi 58 Surana IT (Winners); Surana Corp (Best Speaker); Stetson South India (Runner-up, Best Memo), Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Runner up) Surana Trial Advocacy North (Best Memo), Surana Int\'l Minority (Runners up)
12 Government Law College, Mumbai 45.5 NLU-D Corp Law (Best speaker); Fiat Justitia (Super six, best speaker); NLU-J Antitrust (Semi finalist); DM Harish (Best Memorandum);KLA Moot (Best Memorandum);Jessup South (Semifinalist);Nani Palkhiwala (Best Memo)
13 RMNLU Lucknow 45 SP Sathe (Semi-finalist, best memorandum); Surana IT (Best Memorandum); NLU-D Corp Law (Semi finalist); Surana Corp (Runners up); GIMC (Best Memorandum);Henry Dunant (Best Researcher)
14 SOEL Chennai 41 Surana IT (Best speaker); NLU-D Corp Law (Semi finalist); Commonwealth India Rounds (Runners up, Best Speaker); Surana Int\'l Minority (Winners), Surana Tiral Advocacy South (Runners up, Best Speaker)
15 UILS Chandigarh 33 ULC Moot (Winners); Stetson North (Runners up); Nani Palkhiwala (Runners Up), Surana Trial Advocacy South (Best Memo)
16 Campus Law Centre Delhi 29.5 SP Sathe (Semi-finalist); Fiat Justitia (Super six); NLU-J Antitrust (Runners-up); HNLU Moot (Runners up, Best Memorandum) Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot (Winner)
17 Army Institute of Law, Mohali 23 KLA Moot (Semifinalist);Nani Palkhiwala (Semifinalist), Surana Int\'l Minority(Best Memo), Rizvi Moot (runner-up, best memo)
18 University School of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprashta University, Delhi 20 Stetson North (Winner)
19 Amity Law School 18 Jessup North (Semi-finalist); Stetson North (Best memorandum); Commonwealth India Rounds (Semi finalists)
20 Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad 15 Henry Dunant (Semifinalist, Best Speaker)
20 Law Centre I (LC-I) Delhi University 15 FDI Moot (Semi-finalist; 2 Honourable Mentions); Surana Trial Advocacy North (Semifinalist), Rizvi Moot (semifinalist)
20 Symbiosis, Pune 15 [Raisoni] (Winners); NLU-J Antitrust (Best researcher)
23 CNLU Patna 13 Jessup North (Semi-finalist); NLIU-Juris Corp (Semi finalist, Best Memorandum)
24 Bishop Cottons Women\'s Christian Law School, Bangalore 10 Stetson South India (Best Speaker)
25 Baroda School of Legal Studies 8 [Raisoni] (Semi finalists, Best Speaker)
26 Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad 5 BCI Moot (Semifinalist);
26 Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur 5 Surana Int\'l Minority (Best Speaker)
26 CMR Law College, Bangalore 5 ULC Moot (Runners up);
29 School of Law, Christ University 4 Surana Corp (Semifinalist);
30 CUSAT Kochi 3 Surana Int\'l Minority(Semifinalist)
30 Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT, Kharagpur 3 HNLU Moot (Semi finalist)
30 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune 3 Surana Trial Advocacy South (Semifinalist)
30 Government Law College, Ernakulam 3 ULC Moot (Semifinalist);
34 NLU Orissa 2.5 NLU-D Corp Law (Best memorandum (joint))
35 V.M. Salgaocar Law College, Panjim 1.5 Fiat Justitia (Super six)

Legend: T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 (total points won in each tier); Pos (Position); W (Wins); R/u (Runner-ups); S/F- Semifinalist; B S (Best speaker); B M/R (Best Memorial/Researcher); HM (Honorable Mention & other equivalent awards); Pts (Points) For more information please refer to the MPL 2 rulebook.

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 10 Mar 11, 23:02
Isnt the title of the report derogatory to HNLU...y a jackpot...its their hard work and dedication and not luck...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 10 Mar 11, 23:08
Jackpot does not necessarily have to do with luck - it can simply mean that its the top prize, an "outstanding reward or success", etc.

In any case, no offense was intended.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 00:03
Keep it up HNLU ...

Congratulation to the lady's
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 00:41
congratulations hnlu rocks this answers all critics
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 01:31
i totally agree with #1 would you use the time title if NLSIU/NALSAR would have been the winner. Please stop such discrimination...

Congrats HNLU
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Mar 11, 01:38
@5 - I would still argue that a jackpot is a good thing, although to some it appears to have negative connotations.

From my perspective, the more colleges that cross 100 points the merrier: we have no reason to discriminate against one college or another.

Congratulations to the NHLU team for their brilliant preformance!

Best wishes,
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 02:58
I do agree with Kian! Since when did Jackpot start having a negative connotation? Weird comments indeed. If you're proud of your Law School, just let it be, why blow the trumpet. By the way, congrats HNLU- well done indeed.

And Kian, please change NHLU in your comment to HNLU- people do have a lot of issues if their law school's name is not taken properly. Atleast, I would have!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 03:00
its HNLU and not NHLU!!!

talk about equality!!!
a far cry!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Mar 11, 03:03
Sorry, that was a typo - happens when typing too fast sometimes, sorry about that. Please do not take it personally.

Best wishes
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 04:13
Kian: I always thought someone won a jackpot by luck and not by hardwork. The heading is derogatory. I would use jackpot to say something like "Kian was such a loser at college, he won a jackpot with a job at Amarchand"...What say?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 04:20
grt going guys!!! keep it up! cheers!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 04:23
kindly change the title of the report ASAP it is indeed very amount of justification would do.....
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 04:39
Only a jackass would think that "jackpot" is derogatory. Stop lamenting over non-issues. Kian is doing a great job.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Mar 11, 04:39
While debating headlines can become incredibly tedious, how about the following uses of "jackpot":

"Bill Gates worked superbly hard and was a childhood computer prodigy but he hit the jackpot when creating the PC-DOS operating system for IBM and retaining the copyright to it."


"Up-and-coming film-maker George Lucas' first Star Wars film was a box office hit but he really won the jackpot when he had the foresight to retain the rights to all Star Wars spin-off licensed products and merchandise, bagging him more than $13bn in cash and counting."

Or in other words:
"HNLU hit the jackpot with its performance in Hong Kong and - the first Tier 2 Moot of the season - giving it 25 points in the MPL and propelling it up the rankings from 12th (?) place to fifth with a realistic shot now to mix up the MPL 2 top field."

In any case, as a policy, we do not normally change headlines just because they might upset a few people otherwise we would be changing headlines every other day for a law firm or other (seriously).

Again, no offense is intended nor should reasonably be inferred from the title.

Best wishes
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 05:14
i completely agree with #12 Mr. Kian u should change the headline
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 05:54
jackpot also means:

(a)the accumulated stakes in a kind of poker that requires one to hold a pair of jacks or better in order to open the betting.
(b)A cumulative pool in a competition, lottery, or various other games.

going by this definition LI should change the headline irrespective of their policy....
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 06:01
According to Oxford Dictionary 2001 edition page 442

jackpot means: a large cash price in a lottery.

the origin of the word: it was first used in poker, where the pot grew until a player could open thew bidding with two jacks or better

Shame on you LI instead of humbly accepting your fault why the hell are u going on citing your policies and dictionary.

(a) no one gives a damn to your policy so don't cite them
(b) the oxford dictionary is even against you.

Change the title.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 06:02
Oh God!! You guys are the most lame people on earth. Just enjoy your victory man. No one is disregarding HNLU's hardwork, when Kian is giving you justifications and explanations why you acting dumb and insisting on changing the headlines.

Grow up!! If you really want your law school to be worthy of being a top national law school then act like one. Kian cannot change headlines just because some inane individuals who have taken offense of an innocuous headline. There is nothing wrong in the headlines. Do not act like those psuedo individuals who find faults in each and everything on this earth. Seriously I am reiterating again GROW UP guys.

Moreover, if you want to interpret the word "JACKPOT", the article also refers to the number of points scored by HNLU which is 25 and its awesome and not indicating that it was by sheer dumb las vegas casino luck. Kian very understands that doing well in a moot specially a tier 2 one is not about luck.

For the love of GOD stop bickering about issues like this. You act like 5 year olds with candies man.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 06:16
iam still in disbelief that people are fighting over such issues. sigh.
@kian, dont budge to all this shit.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Mar 11, 06:23
Thanks for your comment but just because something has two different meanings does not mean it can not be used in a headline.

Please don't quote selectively from the OED - there are dozens of alternative definitions that do not include luck and the full OED probably has 10 pages on Jackpot.

In no particular order, excluding the purely poker or casino definitions, from

hit the jackpot
to win or obtain a lot of money or success She must have hit the jackpot with the sales of her last album.

jackpot - any outstanding award
prize, award - something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery; "the prize was a free trip to Europe"

2. A top prize or reward.

a large unexpected success or reward

hit the jackpot
1 to win the most important prize in a competition
2 to be very successful at something
She hit the jackpot with her first novel, which sold over a million copies.

Anyway, when there is a serious factual error in our reporting or something is actually and seriously offensive we will gladly correct it. When someone objects to the words or style used in a story, we will not entertain such requests as any credible publication should and would as a matter of principle.

We will now moderate any new comments complaining about the headline unless they make an interesting and valid point, otherwise this debate risks boring everyone else to death.

Please celebrate this great result from HNLU's mooters and do not distract or diminish from their achievement.

Warm regards
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 06:23
Huh! why on the earth are HNLU ppl don't want to understand the positive aspect which Kian which Kian wants to convey. Please stopping crying!

Its time for you ppl to enjoy! And this headline is in no way derogatory.
It seems like you ppl are acting like a school kid. Stop behaving like this.

Heartiest Congratulations to the Winners!!!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 08:18
Why aren't those pseudo grammarians objecting to the use of the word "Moot" in the headline? Any "self respecting" [...] student should know the colloquial derogatory meaning attributed to the word.

[... edited]
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 10:09
Whoarrr....some remarkably dumb guys come on LI. Well, that can't be helped. It takes all types....

It seems the likes of #1,# 2 and #10 don't read the newspapers very often - and neither their English grammar and usage books. Otherwise they would know LI's usage of the headline is perfectly acceptable - and pithy (find out the meaning), too.

Kian, I am surprised that you actually bother with such sad losers.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 12:25
[cleaning up comments]
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 13:03
Agreed a hyper reaction for the removal of the word may sound absurd, although it might not be the best choice of a word for a moot win, however your sarcasm just makes you sound rather sour.Those steps were taken by the student community to ensure they got what they really deserved.It isn't often that you find students being able to replace a system. I'm not dwelling into this too much, but your comment is unwarranted here.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 23:20
Hi guys i was the one who first thought tht the use of the word 'Jackpot' is derogatory. To clarify certain things let me tell u that I m not from HNLU but from NALSAR. (kian can with the help of technology confirm tht the post 1 came from hyd city)

After reading all the comments above i still believe that the title is indeed a derogatory one.

Let us not go into the dictionary meaning of the word. In common parlance we indeed use this word to express one's gain, victory as a great shock to us because we never thought that such a thing could ever happen.


Kian never expected HNLU to win this kind of tier II moot not even in his dreams. One day HNLU wins. Kian was shocked to hear that and the first word which came out of his mouth was 'JACKPOT'. Its not his fault but the fault of his sub-conscious mind which has very safely stored in it that HNLU is not tht great a law school and can never do good in even tier IV moots.

So guys my problem was not with the word jackpot but with the intention behind it. AND the justifications given by Kian have justified my doubt.

[I was debating on whether to publish this or not because it sounds like you are a troll trying to fan the flames of this discussion again by denigrating HNLU. HNLU was performing very well this season but was not in the top 5; now it is. But coming runner-up in a tier 2 moot would be a jackpot for anyone. -Kian]
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 11 Mar 11, 23:38
forget the derogatory terms. Kian, please update the WTO results. It has been quite a while.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 00:06
@26, u CAN NOT be from NALSAR. Period.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 00:27
Kian this isnt fair. I think my Article 19 right gives me enough privilege to express my honest opinion on a particular topic even though tht may not be pleasing to someone.

But I appreciate the fact that u published my previous comment which clearly upheld ur belief in Article 19 rights and shows ur commitment towards the profession of journalism.

And dont tell me that u not didnt even once thought that HNLU can ever win this type of moot. I have already clarified that this is not ur fault. Its the fault of our sub-conscious mind. And not the sub-conscious mind has got a message - Hey! stop thinking in tht direction.

[Thanks for your response, even though I still think that you are trolling by trying to second-guess my subconscious mind and putting down another college. For the record, I think HNLU can win any moot in India and abroad, as any other college can do too. While some colleges may have a stronger mooting culture than others, there are brilliant students everwhere. So I am not ever that surprised if a college wins a moot, as you should not be either. -Kian]
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 01:19
I apologize if i have not understood ur subconscious correctly but my conscious does not allow me to think otherwise especially after reading the title of the report.

But Now i reveal my intention of doing all this.

My only purpose of doing this was to make you aware tht u do sometimes tend to report in a biased manner. And after this debate I am very much confident that this type of biased reporting would be stopped even if it was subconsciously.

I once again extend my apology. Hope u will take it in the right spirit. :-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 01:44
The title could have been better to avoid this long debate. Infact i believe the it can still be changed if the writers of the news article deem fit.

Congratulations HNLU!!! We all knw that it takes more than just luck to achieve this. So enjoy :-)

All the best!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 04:14
Kian, its been a while since you've updated the ELSA WTO result. Kindly do the same at the earliest.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 08:24
You are as much a Nalsarite as I am Veer Singh, or for that matter that CogitaCoitus whatever Noojie blogger.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 08:26
While I think this is a non-issue, I do think the excising of comments considered to rehash what has already been said or which risk "boring everyone else to death" is harsh. It just doesn't seem like a uniform policy, considering the free hand given on subjects far less worthy.

In any case, I think LI would benefit from a policy against anonymous comments. You could ask the commenters to log in via gmail, twitter or facebook. It's been found to improve the quality of comments vastly on other websites.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 10:14
browsing through the comments it seemed to me I hit a jackpot of humor :P
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 11:21
All things being said and done I hereby stand to have only one question.
What is the utility of such a hot debate?
A few questions has been raised in this discussion which o would like to answer.
Some again "debated' Nalsarite has raised the issue sayong that Kian has it in the back of his mind that HNLU can never win even a National level Fourth tier moot. Hello! they have already won NLIU Juris Corp and Henry Dunant National rounds..what is wrong with you? This proves your intellect.
Secondly, when it comes to taking it as a derogatory comment, I would like to say that there is absolutely nothing derogatory in it. Even if it is, it was certainly not intentional.
Thirdly, What is the purpose of such debates?
HNLU, GNLU are in the top 10 ranks, right? But in the official ranking Symbi and Amity will seal the top 10 positions. So putting it as an inference, it is all a money game. No matter how hard you work there will be someone or the other in business sealing their fate easily. I bet anyone challenge on this.
And when it comes to holding HNLU in a position of esteem? It is clear that it is one of the best in business, after what all it went through and facing and challenging the back draws of Raipur it has a spirit like no one else. Peace.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 11:38
Symbiosis finally showed they have started mooting...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 12:30
@#1 and #26: [...]. you're in nalsar now. old college allegiances die with the clat. samajh le..

before its too late.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 13:41
Let Jack have his Pot and stay in peace. Nowadays its a fad to pretend you are from one law school and thus your locus standi becomes 'hoiler than thou.' Coming from a Nalsarite, let me tell you I don't really think anyone actually from Nalsar could care less about HNLU being Jack or doing Pot. [...]
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 12 Mar 11, 17:06
Wo wo wow, easy bro, just an innocuous comment and now questions are being raised over jacks and pots. Though I didnt understand how you managed to drag the college into the fight. And as for your allegation about law school, I have transcended the school and am at slave heaven (or wherever law students go after then finish their mortal time in law school). So let me tell you law schooler, get this straight from a heavenite, enjoy your law school days and dont get into meaningless fights (but if you have nothing else to do then do get into them :-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 13 Mar 11, 01:59
@41 smart comment.....stud like
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 13 Mar 11, 05:15
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 13 Mar 11, 08:21
Wow, lot of heat on this forum.

I just reviewed HNLUs performance this season. Has anyone noticed as to how most of their points have come from wins/runners positions. this tells me two things.

1. HNLU participates in very few moots, and
2. HNLU does well at the moots it participates in.

Which to me speaks volumes. Period.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 13 Mar 11, 08:22
And one very minor observation but one worth pondering over. HNLU has never done well in any of the Surana moots. Any ideas why?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 13 Mar 11, 13:24
#45 becasue HNLU is not ILS hahahahah...i know lame but could not resist myself
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 14 Mar 11, 21:27

What about results of WTO moots. It s been over a week now. Plz update it. Nobody wants to read stale news. This should not be the attitude of team MPL. You have written that you are trying to confirm the results, but still it has not been confirmed. plz do that and update ASAP.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 14 Mar 11, 22:09
@45, if you are a non-HNLUite, then let me tell youy is because HNLU has never tried to fix results [...]..and nor does it need to do is rising and would rise further on its own capabilities..
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 15 Mar 11, 00:56
#48 dude i agree with u and this is precisely the point i was making when i made that comment in #45...chill
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 16 Mar 11, 01:51
UPDATES REQUIRED KIAN! How long is it going to take man!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 16 Mar 11, 02:14
Kian Updates on WTO moot. Will it ever happen?

BTW melbourne won defeating Otago in the finals. So no Indian finalists. Plzz update it or atleast give us an idea as to when will you update it?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 16 Mar 11, 02:16
...very very shortly...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 16 Mar 11, 02:19
@Kian and other MPL team members: if you do not have contact details for WTO asian round, then plz contact at the following instead of delaying things:

Event coordinator: Ms. Laura (Hsin-hua) Wang

Address: No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road; Taipei, 10617 Taiwan

Telephone: +886-2-3366-3366-3366 ext. #55234

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thanx Kian for the update.
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I was part of the only Indian Team from GNLU who ended up Runner's Up of this Competition and also won the Best Memorial way back in 2009!! We were the only Indian Team till date then to achieve such a feat in the history of the Competition!! Ours was the Best Performance by an Indian team ever in the Moot but I guess HNLU now joins us!!

Thus my Heartiest Congratulations to the HNLU team for the achievement :-) Way to go guys!!!
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