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Mooting Premier League alternative winners: NLSIU & NUJS, and welcome to MPL 2 and Legallypedia!

Mooting Premier League sponsored by Clifford Chance
Mooting Premier League sponsored by Clifford Chance

The Mooting Premier League (MPL) first season sponsored by Clifford Chance was a resounding success as Nalsar Hyderabad won by a country mile. On the eve of MPL 2, we analyse the stats of the 2009-10 season and reveal the winning colleges in different Tiers.

Plus, we need your very important help and input to determine the format and future of MPL 2 and learn more about the brand-new Legallypedia. Also, we are looking for a new student MPL correspondent - apply here!

A total of 26 different law schools and colleges scored points in the first edition of MPL with 8 teams bagging the total Rs 1.5 lakh cash prize kindly sponsored by Clifford Chance.

Tier 1 moot court competitions

Only four law schools managed to score any points in this tier of three moots. NLSIU Bangalore
Final ranks in top tier:
1. NLSIU Bangalore: 42 points
2. Nalsar: 10
2. NUJS: 10
2. Symbiosis: 10
emerged as the undisputed winner in the top tier, harvesting a total of 42 points out of these competitions. NLSIU won 32 points by winning the world finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Moot. The college also won 10 points for an honourable mention as best memorial in the Philip C. Jessup world rounds.

Nalsar and NUJS Kolkata scored 10 points each with Nalsar reaching the semi finals of the Philip. C. Jessup world rounds and NUJS getting the Honourable mention for best orator in Willem C. Vis, Vienna. Symbiosis Pune also bagged 10 points by getting an honorable mention for orator at Willem C. Vis, Vienna.

Tier 2 moot court competitions

There were only five moot court competition in this tier and a total of five teams managed to score in this tier. NUJS was the big winner in the second Tier by getting 53 points from 3 different competitions.

NUJS won 7 points for the honourable mention in the Willem C. Vis Hong Kong competition and and it also won 14 points as semi-finalist and an honourable mention for its memorial in the Manfred Lachs Sydney rounds. NUJS won a massive 32 points in the WTO world rounds by winning the competition and also bagging the best orator. It also received the honourable mention for orator in the WTO world rounds.

Final ranks Tier 2
1. NUJS Kolkata: 53 points
2. NLS: 17    
3. NLU: 14
3. SOEL: 14
3. GNLU: 14
NLSIU also scored a massive 17 points in this tier by being the runner-up and bagging the honourable mention for best orator in the Manfred Lachs Sydney round. MPL winner Nalsar, however, failed to get a single point in this tier.

Fourth-placed NLU Jodhpur also managed to get 14 points by bagging two honourable mentions for orator in the Stetson world rounds, while School of Excellence in Law, Chennai also bagged 14 points by being the semi-finalist and getting an honourable mention for memorial in the Red Cross moot Hong Kong. GNLU Gandhinagar was the third college to get 14 points from the second Tier by finishing as the semi-finalist in the WTO world round and also getting an honourable mention for orator.

Tier 3 moot court competitions

Best of the rest of tier 3 performances:
  • SOEL Chennai: 17 points (winning the Henry Dunant India round and best orator)
  • ILS Pune: 14 points (runner-up in both Bar Council moot and DM Harish Moot)
  • GNLU Gandhinagar: 14 points (runner-up and best orator WTO Asian round)
  • Amity Law School, IP University, Delhi: 14 points (runner-up Stetson North India round and best memorial Jessup North).
  • Law Centre-1, Delhi University: 14 points (best memorial in Henry Dunant India round and runner-up in Jessup North India Round)
  • NUJS: 10 points (win ISRO Manfred Lachs funding round)
  • KLA Thiruvanthapuram: 10 points (win Stetson South India round)
  • NLU Delhi: 10 points (winning the DM Harish Moot)
A total of 17 teams scored in Tier 3 moot court competitions in a total of 10 moots.

Nalsar cleaned up and scored a total of 38 points from this Tier. It won 7 points for being therunner-up in Henry Dunant, India Rounds; 10 points for winning the Bar Council Moot; 7 points the runner-up in Jessup South India round; 7 points for the best researcher in the DM Harish Moot; and 7 points for the best orator in Manfred Lachs funding round.

NLSIU won 45 points from the Tier 3 competitions. It bagged 7 points for best advocate in Stetson South; 7 points for best orator in the Bar Council moot; 17 points for winning the Jessup South India; and runner-up and honourable mention for orator with 14 points from Manfred Lachs funding round.

Final ranks Tier 3
1. NLS, Bangalore: 45 points    2. Nalsar, Hyderabad: 38  
3. NLU, Jodhpur: 34
3. SOEL Chennai: 17
NLU Jodhpur scored a total of 34 points from Tier 3 by winning both the Stetson North India round and Jessup North India round. It also bagged the best memorial in Stetson North India round and the best orator in Jessup North India round.

Tier 4 moot court competitions

Final ranks Tier 4
1. Nalsar, Hyderabad: 109 points
2. NLU, Jodhpur: 46
3. NUJS, Kolkata: 22
3. NLIU, Bhopal: 22
5. ILS, Pune: 17
6. NLSIU, Bangalore: 15
7. Symbiosis, Pune: 14
8. GLC, Mumbai: 12
9. SOEL, Chennai: 11
9. Amity Law School, IP Univ., Delhi: 11
9. RGNUL, Patiala: 11
9. University Inst' of Law PURC, Ludhiana: 11
A total of 21 teams scored points in 18 Tier 4 competitions but Nalsar again emerged the winner in this group by scoring a massive 109 points helping it secure the win in the first season of the MPL.

NLU Jodhpur finished second in Tier 4 event by scoring 46 points from all tier 4 competitions. NLSIU failed to win any Tier 4 events and scored only 15 points from this Tier. 

Symbiosis Pune scored 14 points from all Tier 4 events. NUJS, Kolkata and NLIU, Bhopal scored 22 points in this Tier. ILS, Pune managed to score 17 points. SOEL Chennai, Amity Law School IP University Delhi and RGNUL Patiala scored 11 points in total from all Tier 4 events.

The MPL 2009-10 Records Book
Overall Winner Nalsar Hyderabad
Cash Prize winners sponsored by Clifford Chance Nalsar. NLSIU Bangalore, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Jodhpur, SOEL Chennai, ILS Pune, GNLU and NLIU Bhopal.
MPL Tier 1: best performer NLSIU Bangalore
MPL Tier 2: best performer NUJS Kolkata
MPL Tier 3: best performer NLSIU Bangalore
MPL Tier 4: best performer Nalsar Hyderabad
Team to score in all tiers NLSIU, Bangalore
Team to score the most points from one tier Nalsar, Hyderabad (109 points in Tier 4)
Highest points from one event 32 - NLSIU scored 32 points in the Manfred Lachs Space Moot world finals and NUJS scored 32 points in the world finals of WTO moot.
Number of point-scoring teams in MPL 2009-10 26
Highest-ranked among non-National law schools SOEL, Chennai (5th position with 43 points)

NB: Cheques are in the mail to winning colleges of Mooting Premier League except for SOEL Chennai and GNLU Gandhinagar - please get those Moot Court Committees to contact us. We are also in the process of ordering trophies and will send these as soon as possible to each college as soon as possible.

MPL 2: The 2010-11 season to separate the juniors from the counsel in Indian law schools

The second season of the Mooting Premier League is almost here. But we need your help to make it better and better than ever before.
  1. Could all new Moot Court Committee convenors or members please get in touch with us?

    We need to talk to you ASAP! Please send an email to

    More information is also in this forum post.

  2. Welcome to Legallypedia - which other moots should be in MPL 2?

    The first season of the MPL could not cover every single moot. Neither will the second season but we hope to widen it considerably to give an even fairer perspective of top mooting college in India.

    For that purpose we need your help! Please visit Legally India's new project Legallypedia.com.
    Like Wikipedia, anyone can edit this collaborative legal encyclopedia and leave their comments and input. Please do so and get involved.

    Legallypedia aims to become the ultimate resource for Indian lawyers and law students. Check it out!

    A good place to start Legallypedia is by collaborating to build an encyclopedia of mooting competitions. Particularly the Legallpedia page "Moot court competitions" is a repository that lists and links to editable pages about moots relevant to Indian lawyers. From this we will compile a shortlist of MPL 2 moots. Please edit this page and add your thoughts or comments.

    What about the scoring criteria? Unfair, too biased against National Law Schools, NUJS or too much favouring Nalsar, etc? Have your say here!

    You can do this anonymously or preferably with a Legally India user account, in which case your contributions will carry more weight and are less likely to be reverted by the editors. For more help on using Legallypedia, click here.
  3. Add an article about your moot to Legallypedia.com

    Please visit the Legallpedia page "Moot court competitions"

    Check if a moot you are running or know something about is included in the list. If it is either a blue or red link, please click it and edit the page. If your moot does not have a page or link yet, please enter the full name of your moot at the search box at the top right of your page and click Go. Then click the link that appears to create a new page.

    Once on your Moot's page, please add details that are accurate and confirmed. Particularly, we are interested about the dates of the next competition, registration details, previous winners, links to the moot's website, if applicable, convenor contact details, phone numbers and email addresses. 

    We want to see links to this or previous problems, know about judges this year or in previous years or anything else that would be relevant for would-be mooters.
  4. Add an article about your law school's mooting committee to Legallypedia.com

    All Indian law schools that ranked in MPL 1 are listed on this Legallypedia page. If you are part of the Moot Court Committee (MCC) from one of these schools, please click the link on your law school. In the article edit dialog, please add a new heading typing the following exactly: ==Moot Court Committee==

    Then write a paragraph or two about your committee, who the convenors or members are, history, etc. You can add notable past glories, interesting points about how you structure the selection process and more.

    If your law school is not listed, create a new page for it by putting the name of your law school in the top-right search box on Legallypedia and clicking 'Go'. Then create the new page.
  5. Legally India looks for new student MPL correspondent

    GNLU finalist Vinay Mishra did an amazing job conceptualising the first season of the MPL and independently and accurately reporting results from moots all over India and the world. Vinay is now working as a qualified lawyer in Bangalore and is handing over the baton.

    The position is remunerated and does require a serious time commitment and professionalism. You will be writing very regular stories on the outcomes of mooting competitions and confirming results of moots accurately and promptly. You will also have some responsibility for maintaining the new Legallypedia Mooting wiki. Students who participate in any moots this year or are part of a moot court committee are not eligible but mooting experience and good knowledge of Indian mooting is essential.

    If you have what it takes email . Please write briefly outlining: (a) why you think you would make a good MPL correspondent, (b) how would you make the MPL better than before, and (c) your mooting-related experience. Applications by no later than Saturday 27 August please.

Best of other tier 3 performances:

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