NLU Jodhpur has beaten Law Centre I (LC-I) Delhi University in the finals of Philip C. Jessup North India round, while Government Law College (GLC) Mumbai bested Nalsar Hyderabad in the finals of the KK Luthra moot.

In addition to being the second placed team, Nalsar also bagged the best speaker at KK Luthra while NLSIU Bangalore won best memorial. This means that Nalsar for the first time now moved into sole first place of the Legally India Mooting Premier League by three points ahead of its rival.

Meanwhile, NLU Jodhpur has jumped two places over NLIU Bhopal and School of Excellence Chennai into third place of the MPL with 37 points, after winning best team and best orator at Jessup North.

Jessup's North rounds were held last weekend (15 and 17 January) and were organised by Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow.

Jessup North's winning team of NLU Jodhpur comprised of Sannoy Das and Ambika Gupta as orators and Arpita Sarkar, Aman Bhattacharya and Manu Sanan as researchers. Das was judged as best orator.

NLU Jodhpur's Bhattacharya was also in winning team of Stetson North.

The runner-up LC-I Delhi team comprised of Gurdeep Kaur, Subhiksh Vasudev, Rajbir, Danish Choudhary and Bhumika Menon.

Amity Law School IP University Delhi was awarded the best memorial thus ensuring that Amity stays in the fight for the top in sixth place with 25 points.

Both NLU Jodhpur and LC-I Delhi have now qualified for the world finals of Philip. C. Jessup in Washinton DC in March this year.

This will be the 51st edition of the moot court competition also tagged as The World Cup of Mooting. There are more than 500 participants from over 80 countries for this event and NLSIU Bangalore had the rare distinction of winning this event in 1999.

The international competitions could completely reshuffle the Mooting Premier League rankings, as the scoring system allocates 20 points for a win, 10 points for semi-finalists and 12 points for the individual orator, memorial and researcher categories.

The big fight for the current pole position was battled out in the tier 4 moot of the Sixth K.K. Luthra Moot Court Competition, which was organised by Campus Law Centre (CLC) Delhi University and was also held last weekend.

Government Law College (GLC) Mumbai won the event defeating Nalsar Hyderabad in the finals, gifting GLC Mumbai its first entry on the MPL ladder.

NLSIU Bangalore won the best memorial but Nalsar Hyderabad ultimately triumphed by also winning the best orator prize and a total of 8 points in the MPL to move to the pole position.

For the first time this season NLSIU Bangalore has been knocked off the top spot after last week Nalsar drew level with NLS at the Bar Council of India (BCI) Trust moot.

The final round of the KK Luthra event was judged by Justice Gita Mittal, Justice R.S. Endlaw and. Justice J.R. Midha of the Delhi High Court. This year the problem was based on international criminal law with special focus on genocide.

The end of this month will see two more competitions in MPL between 29 and 31 January. The tier 3 Jessups South Rounds and the tier 4 MM Singhvi moot court competition organised by NLU Jodhpur are sure to create movement on the table, including the continuing battle between Nalsar and NLS Bangalore for the top spot.

2009-10 Legally India Mooting Premier League table

Law school Points Wins
Nalsar Hyderabad 54
IICLAM (best memorial); Henry Dunant Indian rounds (runners-up); Surana Trial Advocacy South (best team, best memorial); Nani Palkhiwala (best memorial), Bar Council of Indiacoun (best team); KK Luthra (runners-up, best speaker)
2. NLSIU Bangalore 51
Manfred Lachs (best team, best orator); Stetson South (best advocate), Bar Council of India (best orator); KK Luthra (best memorial)
NLU Jodhpur 37
Nalsar B.R.Sawney (runners-up); Stetson North (best team, best memorial); Jessups North (best team, best orator)
4. NLIU Bhopal 31
All India Corporate Law Moot (runners-up, best orator); Nalsar B.R.Sawney (best team, best orator, best memorial); Stetson South (best memorial)
5. School of Excellence Chennai 29
Henry Dunant Indian rounds (best team, best orator), NLIU Tankha (best orator); Nani Palkhiwala (best team)
6. Amity Law School IP University Delhi 25
IICLAM (best team & best orator); Stetson North (runner-up), Jessups North (best memorial)
Law Centre I (LC-I) Delhi University 14
Henry Dunant Indian rounds (best memorial), Jessups North (runner-up)
8. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL) Patiala
13 Henry Dunant national rounds (best researcher); NLIU Tankha (best team)
9. NUJS Kolkata 11
All India Corporate Law Moot (best team, best researcher)
9. University Institute of Laws PURC, Ludhiana
11 Surana trial advocacy north rounds (best team, best orator)
11. Kerala Law Academy Thiruvananthapuram 10 Stetson South (best team)
12. Symbiosis, Pune 8 Nani Palkhiwala (runners up, best orator)
12. UILS Punjab 8 Surana Trial advocacy South (runners up, best orator)
14. HNLU Raipur 7 Stetson North (best orator)
14. ILS Law College Pune 7 Bar Council of India (runners-up)
14. New Law College Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune 7 Stetson South (runner-up)
Government Law College (GLC) Mumbai
KK Luthra (best team)
18. Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad 5 Surana Trial Advocacy North (best memorial)
18. ULC Bangalore 5 All India Corporate Law Moot (best memorial)
20. GNLU Gandhinagar 3 IICLAM (runners-up)
20. Nuals Kochi 3 Surana Trial Advocacy North (runners-up)

Click here for a full list of the scoring criteria we are using.
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Like +1 Object -0 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 01:20
nalsar on top! YAYY!!
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Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 01:23
Interesting I say. But the other colleges need to buck up, there is a glaring difference between the top two and the rest. It would be nice if the other colleges other than NALSAR and NLS start winning and close in on them.
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Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 01:25
Way to go Nalsar! Well done!
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Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 07:46
that would be manu sanan (not saman), and WOOOOOOT, JODHPUR!
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Like +1 Object -1 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 07:53
Dear Administrator,

I have already expressed my concern regarding the authenticity of the information provided by your website whilst wrongfully citing the name of LAW CENTER-I as CLC.

Kindly note the fact that in both- Henry Dunant as well as Philip C Jessup (North India) Rounds; it has been Law Center-I and NOT CLC which has bagged the laurels and accolades for its excellence.

On behalf of my college and as the Speaker of both the teams at Henry Dunant as well as Jessup, I hereby request you to kindly make due ammendements to your webposts.

Kind Regards,

Subhiksh Vasudev
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 08:02
i'm sorry.. the article needs a little correction.. CLC, delhi university was not the runner up team.. law centre-1 of delhi university were the runners-up.. n i speak as one of the team members of LC-1.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 08:22
kk was gr8 with policemen , dress , wines , money etc u know
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 19 Jan 10, 10:50
There is always a confusion relating to DU affiliated law schools. This may help. Faculty of Law, Delhi University has three law schools-all of them being constituent units, as opposed to being affiliated units, and have functional independence. Till about a couple of years ago, even the semester exams of the three where different from each other before the current Dean of Law Faculty, Prof. S.N. Singh unified the examination schedules. Campus Law Centre (CLC) and Law Centre-I (LC-I) are situated in a common campus, but somewhat separately, at the North Campus, DU along with the Law Faculty. Law Centre-II (LC-II) is in the South Campus, DU. In CLC, classes are held in the morning hours. In LC-I, there are two shifts, one between three to six and the other between six to nine. In LC-II, the timings are 6pm to 9pm. CLC, LC-I and LC-II have separate set of teachers, separate staff, separate libraries, separate societies (including moot court society-CLC calls theirs MCS whereas LC-I has a "Mooters' Society"), and separate Professors-in-Charge (PICs, an equivalent of Principals). Common thread is the course- all of them offer 3-year LL.B. courses (LL.M and M.C.L. courses are offered only by the Law Faculty and not by any of the three centres), case materials (aka case mats), entrance test, teaching pattern and examination and grading systems.
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 19 Jan 10, 23:53
@8, Many thanks for clearing this up. We had looked into the situation in great detail and only few people seemed to be able to explain the difference between the three.

We have now amended the copy and will refer to the correct Law Centre of Delhi University in future.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 20 Jan 10, 11:02
@9, My pleasure. One more clarification. K K Luthra National Moot Court Competition is organised by Moot Court Society, CLC which also holds the Rajeev Pandey Memorial Moot Court Competition for law schools in National Capital Region. Mooters' Society, LC-I organises its own annual mooting event, though I am not sure whether it has a national format or not.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 22 Jan 10, 10:07
finally.... nalsar is where it ought to be........
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 22 Jan 10, 22:47
Congratulations to NALSAR and NLSIU for their continued dominance of the MPL. One hopes that that the other good law schools like NLU and NLIU will compete hard with them for the top spot. In spite of all the hype about how all the "law schools" are all so fantastic, "traditional universities" seem to be doing very well too. The position(s) of GNLU, NUALS and especially NUJS [which has forever claimed (quite arrogantly too) to be such a fantastic mooting college] is quite a disappointment. I guess the MPL was needed to throw light on the claims made by certain colleges about being the best.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 23 Jan 10, 01:37
Well though I am not from NUJS, but its naive to write them off. They are definitely a "fantastic college" and definitely among the BIG THREE.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 23 Jan 10, 02:59
NUJS has also not participated in jessups and stetson which may be one of the reasons...... half the competitions are still remaining and NUJS mite still do wonders
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 23 Jan 10, 03:23
I echo. NUJS do have a phenomenal mooting record. And why didn't they participate in jessup and stetson?
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 24 Jan 10, 21:33
@ #14, sorry but you are partly correct and partly incorrect - NUJS Has stopped participating at Stetson after it won at the international rounds which was sometime around 2006 or 2007 It definitely participates in Jessup, while it was unable to qualify this year, in 2009 they had won the best memo at the combined national rounds, consequently representing india at the internationals in the memo rounds and in 2008 before nujs had finished in the top two at the north rounds and thus represented the country at Washington.

I heard from a friend at NUJS that this is (possibly) the first time that NUJS has not managed to qualify for the international rounds of Jessup from a North Zone qualifying Round! The comments by #13 might not be entirely correct but it would seem that they are not entirely off the mark either! NUJS has usually done exceedingly well when the Jessup qualification rounds have been separate North zone and South Zone Rounds, however when there has been only one combined round, its record has been dismal (with the best showing being a quarter final position in 2009).
ps- my source is a friend who has studied at NUJS and was member of the mcs, all the info above should be correct!
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 25 Jan 10, 09:14
The list doesn't show NALSAR's performance at NLIU-Tankha. It won Best Memo and was the First Runner-Up as well. I don't know if the scores of these wins have been added to the present tally.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 26 Jan 10, 01:51
please add Government Law College, Trivandrum National Moot Court Competition also...
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 26 Jan 10, 02:17
Dear Administors

Kindly acknowledge the result of the lates mot court competition held in GLC -Trivindiuram 20-22 january ,2009.

mention thge maendments in your scoreshhet after adding the result of this mcc.

also acknowledge the result of MCC in Allaha bad in month of august 2009. organised by allahabad university retaed to tax matters.
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Like +0 Object -0 vinaymishra 26 Jan 10, 03:41
@18 & 19: we are unfortunately not including the scoring of GLC, Trivandrum moots this season. We have shortlisted some competitions and we would for this season stick to the list.
we had also clarified previously that the tax moot of Allahabad has not been included in the MPL list.
There are a number of moot court competitions and we had to give preference to some while ignoring others. This is any way does not mean that these two moots are not good. We would definitely consider them for the next season. Our list has been prepared after exhaustive research and consulation with the MCCs of various colleges.

@17: we have previously added up the points of nalsar in the NLIU tankha moots. so the present list is inclusive of NLIU tankha moot.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 28 Jan 10, 02:29
nlud..does it moot?
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 28 Jan 10, 05:59
With regard to query #21.
I m a first year student at NLU Delhi, and yes, we do moot. Infact, me (speaker) and my team reached the quarter finals of the KK Luthra Moot itself, beating the likes of Cambridge University and NUJS. Last year one of our teams reached the Semi-Finals of the Stetsons North Rounds. And the year before we reached the Semi-finals of the MM Singhvi Moot Court Competition. On an average in the academic years 2009-2010 we participated in around 7-8 moots, in the first semester.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous 08 Feb 10, 07:07
NUJS did not qualify for the International Round though there was a North Round this year because they were kicked out of the competition by NLU Jodhpur. Both NLIU Bhopal and NUJS lost to Jodhpur in the knock out rounds.
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