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Majmudar & Partners is an Indian law firm with its head office in Mumbai and a second office in Bangalore.

It retains around 40 lawyers in Mumbai, where there are five partners, and 12 lawyers in Bangalore, where two partners sit.[1]

It was rebranded from Majmudar & Co to Majmudar & Partners in April 2012[2].


[edit] Contact information

[edit] Mumbai office

5A Bakhtawar, 5th floor, Behind The Oberoi, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021, India

Phone : +91-22-6123-7272 Fax : +91-22-6123-7252

[edit] Bangalore office

101-E, Farah Winsford 133 Infantry Road Bangalore 560 001 India

Phone :+91 80 4147-0000 Fax :+91 80 4147-0010

[edit] RSG India says

"An older firm that benefits from the younger generation's energy and vigour to grow the practice. The firm expanded from 10 to 50 lawyers in the past 5 years and has a growing reputation for quality amongst foreign lawyers. The firm does a majority of inward investment work and has represented a smattering of Fortune 500 companies. The three practice verticals of the firm are: banking and finance, which is a historic specialism for the firm; corporate/M&A, technology and IP. The firm also handles contentious matters."[3]

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