KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar

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[edit] Background

[edit] History

TBC: This college was founded in YEAR by FOUNDER. Keep it somewhat brief.

[edit] Location

KIIT LAW SCHOOL Campus 16, KIIT UNIVERSITY, Patia, Bhubaneswar 751024. Orissa, INDIA. +91 674 2725440

[edit] Administration

TBC: The Vice-chancellor, directors and other notable faculty in charge of managing the university.

[edit] Facts & Figures

TBC: How many students are there in total, and how many in each intake? How many faculty and other staff?

[edit] Admissions

To join KIIT LAW SCHOOL one has to go through its entrance exam i.e. KIITEE. Its form is available in its official website

Further details about its admission is available in its website. Please visit it.

[edit] Infrastructure

[edit] Hostels

TBC: How many hostel rooms are there? What is the state of the facilities?

[edit] Library and Reading Room

The Collection of the KLS Library consists of general and special subjects which includes text books, reference books, journals, back volume of journals and reports, standards, and patents etc. is regarded as one of the richest collections in the state in the field of Legal studies. This vast reservoir of knowledge, on a conservative estimate, is worth almost Rs.5(five) crores. The Library currently receives over twenty number of periodicals/ law journals/law reports . The few important ones are:

US Supreme Court Reports (from its inception to 2005), All India Reports (from 1925 to till date), All England Reports (1558 to till date), All England Reports: Annual Review (1982 to 2007), Supreme Court Cases (1969 to till date), Halsbury's Law of England(1975 to 1998), Halsbury's Law of India.(2001 to 2009), Criminal law Review(1954 to 2008), Law Quarterly Review(1885 to 2008), Harvard Law Review(1887 to 2006), Journal of Indian Law Institute and many more.

[edit] IT Infrastructure

TBC: How many computers are there available? How about internet connectivity? Other IT facilities?

[edit] Extra Curricular Activities

[edit] Mooting

TBC: Write a little about how mooting in college is organised.

[edit] Student Activities

TBC: Other activities organised by students, including social or otherwise. Describe the structure of student body management.

[edit] Recruitment


[edit] Seminars and Conferences


[edit] Academia and faculty

[edit] Notable faculty

TBC - feel free to create separate pages with biographies and details about each professor.

[edit] Journals and publications

TBC - add student published journals, as well as notable publications by faculty.

[edit] Subjects available

TBC: Which subjects can you take? Which are optional or compulsory? Feel free to add professors teaching each subject or whatever else is worth mentioning.

[edit] Alumni

TBC: How many alumni approximately does the college have? Is there a formal and organised network?

[edit] Notable alumni

TBC: List some alumni who have made a mark in the profession or gone on to do interesting things.

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[edit] External links

  • Add a link to the law school's web page.

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