25 jobs for NLS 2013 grads in AMSS, AZB, Ashurst & others after late Day Zero to not upset PPOs

NLSIUBangaloreLibrary_2b3a5331ae2db119ea3e40cd27bebf85NLSIUBangaloreLibrary_2b3a5331ae2db119ea3e40cd27bebf8525 out of 76 students in NLSIU’s class of 2013 were placed across seven law firms and a foreign firm after 47 students participated in the law school’s so-called “Day Zero” on 12 May 2012, when six law firms and a foreign firm visited the campus.

CNLU calls off hunger strike after three recruiters visit campus

Exclusive: The CNLU Patna hunger strike ended on Tuesday after assurances from Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of a meeting with the Chief Minister, and two law firms and a journal visited the campus to recruit, according to a student.

Latest: CNLU Patna hunger strikers wait for CM, allege recruitment whitewash

imageimage Exclusive: The CNLU Patna hunger strike has entered its third day as protesting students demand a meeting with Bihar’s chief minister (CM) hoping to improve the placement process for future batches.

CNLU Patna students hunger strike, protest few job prospects

CNLU Patna students are reportedly protesting against the limited job prospects offered by the national law school.

Back in time / Issue 92

Legally India newsletter

Say what you will but the start of NLSIU Bangalore’s recruitment season is still a watershed moment. It indicates future growth sentiments of firms, levels of domestic and foreign competition and the recruitment committee’s skill at dealing with delicate law firms where being first to hire is for many a mark of pride.

Careers Counsel: Why is CGPA all important?

Legally-India-careers-counsel_by-ScarlethWhite-LGLegally-India-careers-counsel_by-ScarlethWhite-LGA first year student at a National Law School asks: Why do recruiting law firms feel that cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the "be-all-and-end-all"?

ILS Pune launches "corporate cell" to foster careers

ILS_Pune_thILS_Pune_thILS Law College Pune students have started up a corporate law forum last week hoping to foster discussion and awareness of the area and improve students' career prospects.

Trilegal pips rivals to the post in law school recruitment race

Trilegal-anand_prasad_thTrilegal-anand_prasad_thTrilegal has recruited final year law students from a National Law School almost six months earlier than last year in an attempt to beat the fierce competition for top law school talent.

Amarchand ramps up Bangalore law school intake

NLSIUBangalore_thumbNLSIUBangalore_thumbAmarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co has significantly increased its recruitment of penultimate year students from one of India's top law schools.

The firm's Mumbai office has enlisted 11 fourth-year law students from National Law School of India University Bangalore (NLSIU).

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