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Legal education

Legal education is the education of individuals who intend to become legal professionals or those who simply intend to use their law degree to some end, either related to law (such as politics or academic) or business.

RGNUL G20 youth summit rep decries lack of govt support, poor intl law exposure at newer NLUs

kshitij bansalkshitij bansalRGNUL Patiala fourth-year student Kshitij Bansal, who beat 200 interdisciplinary competitors to head the Indian delegation at the Washington DC G20 youth summit in less than a month, tells Legally India that he rues the Indian government's lackadaisical attitudes to charting a clear Indian agenda that can be represented at the youth parallel of the main G20 international policy-making event.

CLAT needs to be reformed and marketed, argues expert, as botched NLU Delhi entrance test grows

Rajneesh SinghRajneesh SinghThe NLU Delhi 2012 law entrance question paper of 6 May made fundamental errors, similar to previous Common Law Admission Tests (CLAT), argues CLAT guru Rajneesh Singh, noting that the CLAT administration and philosophy needs to be desperately overhauled.

No All India Bar Exam (AIBE) date fixed by BCI

The Bar Council of India (BCI) at its Saturday meeting did not set a date to conduct the fourth All India Bar Exam (AIBE) but it did decide on the members of a board that will oversee the AIBE.

BCI to meet Rahul G, follow Annaji as ups lobbying vs HRD, foreign schools, firms

Rahulji: Upcoming date with BCI?Rahulji: Upcoming date with BCI? The Bar Council of India (BCI) has claimed to have made progress and vowed to continue lobbying against the Higher Education and Research Bill 2011 (HER Bill), as it has called for renewed resistance to the proposals.

BCI to clamp down on bar exam dodgers with practice restriction, UIDs as original external AIBE contract ends

Bar examBar examClaiming that law graduates in some states are practising without passing the All India Bar Exam (AIBE), the Bar Council of India (BCI) said today it would permanently bar graduates from practice who do not pass within three attempts and 18 months, and assign unique identification numbers for all law students.

New Nalsar VC plans academic revolution: Widen curriculum, cater to industry, lure alumni to teach

Faizan MustafaFaizan Mustafa Exclusive: Nalsar Hyderabad’s newly appointed vice chancellor (VC) Prof Faizan Mustafa plans to make drastic changes to the undergraduate law degree syllabus and credit system, introduce new courses designed by practising lawyers, and target alumni faculty recruitment.

Opinion: Crisis of teaching at India’s law schools

LI and Mint, together every fortnightLI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: The success story of the NLU model has been spun mainly around two factors: the impressive employment statistics and enormous salaries offered to students from top NLUs and the ability of few alumni to gain admission to the world’s top law school, argue Anup Surendranath and Chinmayi Arun.

The business end of law school: NLSIU faces cash crunch as Gov tightens purse strings

NLSIU-Bangalore-LibraryNLSIU-Bangalore-Library In today’s edition of Mint: The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore may face a funding gap of Rs. 2 crore this fiscal year after the Karnataka state government cut its grant by 50% from Rs. 4 crore last year. NLSIU was established in 1987 as the first of India’s flagship national law universities (NLUs).

New BCI chair Mishra vows to start compulsory training, lawyer insurance, continue HRD fight

Mishra: Takes the chair todayMishra: Takes the chair todaySenior advocate Manan Kumar Mishra, Bihar State Bar Council’s representative to the Bar Council of India (BCI), unanimously won this year’s election for BCI chairman on 15 April and took charge with effect from today.

Outgoing BCI chair Parija says 100 more law schools been shut, young lawyers trained

Ashok ParijaAshok ParijaExclusive: The Bar Council of India (BCI) is set to get a new chairman, as current chair Ashok Parija has said that he would not run for a second term in the 16 April elections, as Parija said that the BCI closed 100 colleges since former chairman Gopal Subramanium’s tenure and that it would publish its meeting minutes again.

BCI not convinced by HRD’s concession on legal education

LI and Mint, together every fortnightLI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: The turf war on legal education between the human resources development (HRD) ministry and the Bar Council of India (BCI) remains unresolved.

HRD concedes legal education regulation to BCI

LI and Mint, together every fortnightLI and Mint, together every fortnightMint exclusive: The Bar Council of India has retained the power to recognize law schools across India, as it emerged from a meeting with the ministry of human resource development (HRD) on Tuesday.

KVS Sarma suddenly subbed for Nalsar registrar Sridhar in VC vacuum

Prof Acharyulu SridharProf Acharyulu SridharExclusive: Nalsar Hyderabad registrar Dr Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu will be replaced as registrar by Nalsar’s Prof KVS Sarma, Sridhar was told by the college’s vice chancellor’s (VC) office today. The college’s new VC is yet to take up the reins.

Bar exam results get worse: 37% fail AIBE with 70% of repeaters; Next exam May/June

All India Bar ExamAll India Bar Exam Breaking: Around 63 per cent passed the 8 January 2012 All India Bar Exam (AIBE) out of almost than 25,000 graduates who enrolled, said the Bar Council of India (BCI) today.

Unambitious 2009 report on NLSIU bashes students for ‘unabashed sex’ & drugs but little else

NagarbhaviNagarbhavi Justice KT Thomas’ 2009 review of NLSIU Bangalore focused on NLSIU students’ vision and academic issues but stopped short of looking deeper into the books of accounts or administration, unlike the hard-hitting Nalsar Hyderabad judicial inquiry from 2011.

Breaking: Nalsar VC Veer Singh resigns; Chancellor starts hunt for new VC

imageimage Exclusive: Nalsar Hyderabad chancellor and Andhra Pradesh Chief Justice Madan B Lokur is seeking nominations to find Nalsar’s next vice chancellor (VC), as current VC Veer Singh has resigned the institution to join as a director of the Chandigarh Judicial Academy, according to several sources.

AIBE results within 7 days promises BCI, as SC stays Cal bar exam case

image Results for the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) would be out within a week, said Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Ashok Parija, after the Supreme Court today granted interim relief over the Calcutta High Court’s stay of the exam results.

Sent: RTIs to 7 national law schools for accounts, reports, pay scales & more

Looking deeper Legally India has today filed right to information (RTI) requests with India’s seven oldest national law schools, seeking full financial accounts, council meeting minutes and other information.

Nalsargate exclusive: The inside story of a secret report and the quest for excellence

Report on NalsarUntil last Wednesday, an explosive 161-page document prepared by four judges was gathering dust in the office of Nalsar Hyderabad vice chancellor (VC) Veer Singh for nearly four months. Few, if any, had read it and most faculty and students claimed they were unaware even of its existence or any details.

The story of that report is Nalsar’s alone. But this is also a story of academic power struggles, law school management and students caught in between, that will have near-universal parallels in many Indian law schools.

Nalsargate: Download full judicial report on gold meddles, distance learning & scorpions; Nalsarites call off protest

Scorpions live in Hyderabad apparentlyExclusive: Nalsar Hyderabad has today disclosed the full copy of the three-judge report on the university to Legally India, containing around 50 additional pages of findings from the detailed four-month investigation published in September 2011, as Nalsar students called off a protest against the administration.

Download parts of 3-judge Nalsar report slamming exam leaks, student drowning, mooting favouritism, law school rankings & more

Nalsar Exclusive: Nalsar Hyderabad yesterday responded to Legally India’s Right to Information (RTI) request of 12 January, disclosing part of the highly critical September 2011 report of the three-judge committee headed by Justice Syed Shah Mohammed Quadri investigating the college.

Nalsar VC Veer Singh & others accused of authority abuse, fudged accounts & more by judges, after LI RTI stonewalled

image Nalsar Hyderabad vice chancellor Veer Singh has been accused of “favouritism, abuse of authority, gross academic indiscipline and financial irregularities”, by Supreme Court and High Court judges in a report unearthed by state auditors, a copy of which Legally India has unsuccessfully tried to obtain for more than two weeks.

[Update-1 AIBE results due today but Cal HC bar exam injunction will delay till Feb/ March; BCI files SLP

Exclusive: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has been restrained from publishing the results to the third All India Bar Exam (AIBE) due today by the still effective Calcutta High Court’s stay.

Mint Careers Counsel: Should I do an LLM abroad? Ponderings on India’s fascination with the LLM

Aunty and Uncle are taking a break this week, but Legally India editor Kian Ganz shares his opinion in today’s Mint on whether there is any point for an Indian lawyer to do an LLM abroad. Also covered is Gap Yah, pathology and how a Harvard LLM can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Click through to read the rest.

LI-Mint: US job market remains in dumps; 92% of Indian LLM grads come home empty handed?

Exclusive: A few years ago, Indian lawyers who took a top LLM in the US were inundated with job offers from prestigious US and international law firms. Many accepted. But in 2011 only five out of 60 students got such a ticket. Have $70,000 US LLMs just become a way for colleges to cash in on Indian students? Find out why the Brazilians seem to fare better than the Indians.

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