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RSG law firm top 40 ranking sees Big Six continue ruling roost with S&R, ELP, D&D, TTA; Bharuchas, Dua most improved…

43hflqxa43hflqxaRSG Consulting’s 2015 ranking of India’s top 40 law firms has seen no change in the six largest Indian firms since 2013, with Amarchand Mangaldas continuing to top the rankings, followed by Khaitan & Co and AZB & Partners tied in second place.

(Cyril) Amarchand scoops 3 out of 4 partners of old-Law-School-boutique MNK

Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai-region managing partner Cyril Shroff is due to acquire MNK Law Offices in Delhi, except for partner Probal Bhaduri who is reliably understood by Legally India to be joining a large accounting firm.

Shardul signs lease for Zia’s old Express Towers office today (on Akshaya Tritiya)

Shardul Shroff today signed a lease for the former office of AZB & Partners in Mumbai.

Trilegal scoops senior (Shardul) Amarchand corp partner Ravindra Bandhakavi [UPDATE-2]

f3zugy01f3zugy01Amarchand Mangaldas Gurgaon-based partner Ravindra Bandhakavi is in the final stages of discussions to join Trilegal.

End of Amarchand (as we know it) postponed to 1 May after mediation fails to hit auspicious target

The end of mediation between brothers and co-managing partners of Amarchand Mangaldas, Cyril and Shardul Shroff, has been postponed to 1 May, after mediations today failed to resolve remaining outstanding issues.

Double-NLS cap markets catch: Gokul Rajan & Nikhil Naredi to help (Cyril) Amarchand Delhi push

NarediNarediGokul Rajan, currently consultant at Citibank in Mumbai, and Nikhil Naredi, Singapore-based associate at Jones Day, are both set to be joining the new firm that will be started by Amarchand Mumbai managing partner Cyril Shroff, as partners to beef up the capital markets practice.

Shroffs hope to start Amarchands 4.0 by Akshaya Tritiya

The mediation between Amarchand Mangaldas co-managing partners Shardul Shroff and Cyril Shroff over the break-up of the firm may conclude as early as tomorrow, Monday, with both brothers keen to set up their new firms on Tuesday 21 April 2015 - Akshaya Tritiya - which is one of the Hindu calendar’s most auspicious days, according to sources close to the dispute.

New Day Zero record: NUJS 4th years bag 40 (!) jobs + 4 foreign gigs (Khaitan biggest)

NUJSNUJSNUJS Kolkata has set a new Day Zero record, with 40 students having accepted jobs after kicking off its 2016-batch campus recruitments on 17 and 18 April.

(Shardul) Amarchand plunders Khaitan associate partner ranks again for recent promotee Abhishek Sinha

SinhaSinhaShardul Shroff has hired a third associate partner from Khaitan & Co, with Abhishek Sinha who was promoted to salaried partner last month having resigned.

Ex-(Shardul) Amarchand senior partner Harry Chawla to join (Cyril) Amarchand from Kochhar

ChawlaChawlaKochhar & Co partner Harry Chawla is set to join the new firm expected to be launched by Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai managing partner Cyril Shroff in Delhi.

The number that makes law firms tick (and Khaitan similar to JSA; AZB close to Amarchand; but all different to Trilegal) [via Mint]

GearingGearingGetting the ratio of partners to non-partner fee-earners right has its rewards, but it is, at best, an inexact science.

(Shardul) Amarchand IP partner Ranjan Negi to leave

Q1 2015 M&A league table sees massive uptick in work as pre-split Amarchand grabs top spot with AZB

M&A League TablesM&A League TablesIn what will possibly have been its last quarter of existing as a single firm, Amarchand Mangaldas again acted on the most valuable M&A deals though AZB & Partners emerged as the firm with the largest number of recorded transactions.

Ex Shardul-AM peel-off Gnarus Partners (Rishi Anand) to get absorbed by (Cyril) Amarchand

Rishi Anand, who started his own firm Gnarus Partners in 2012 after leaving Amarchand Mangaldas Delhi as a senior associate, will join the new Delhi office of Amarchand Mangaldas co-managing partner Cyril Shroff, who is set to compete with his brother Shardul Shroff in India’s capital, according to an authoritative source.

PXV founder, Khaitan associate partner Deepto Roy to join (Shardul) Amarchand

Deepto RoyDeepto RoyKhaitan & Co associate partner Deepto Roy will join the firm to be started by Amarchand Mangaldas Delhi partner Shardul Shroff in Mumbai.

Shardul & Cyril Amarchand poach Khaitan associate partner ranks, with Iqbal Khan & Harsh Kumar to join

Khaitan & Co associate partners Iqbal Khan in Mumbai and Harsh Kumar in Delhi have been poached by Amarchand Mangaldas co-managing partners Shardul and Cyril Shroff respectively, who are setting up offices in each others’ territories.

GNLU bags 24 top tier BigLaw jobs after its Day Zero yesterday, as (Cyril) Amarchand hires 12 to overtake Khaitan as biggest Day Zero hirer

GNLU Gandhinagar has already placed a total of 24 students on its Day Zero held yesterday, out of a batch of 155, of whom 115 took part in the recruitment process.

(Cyril) Amarchand Delhi may scoop heavy-hitter-GC, ex Dua partner Raghuram Raju

mxueytutAmarchand Mangaldas partner Cyril Shroff is in advanced talks to take on the former Religare, GENPACT and GE Cap GC as a future Delhi partner.

(Shardul) Amarchand likely to bag Dudhat Pereira founder, ex-Udwadia partner Radhika Pereira in Mumbai

Radhika PereiraRadhika Pereira, the founding partner of Dudhat Pereira & Associates, is set to join the upcoming Mumbai office of the expected Amarchand Mangaldas post-break-up firm of Shardul Shroff.

Amarchand Mangaldas break-up (and filial mediation) postponed by month to April-end

The break up of Amarchand Mangaldas, whose Delhi and Mumbai-based managing partners and brothers Shardul and Cyril Shroff respectively are currently mediating about the future of the firm, has been postponed by at least a month, with the Bombay high court having been told that the mediation would not complete before April-end.

Luthra partner Piyush Mishra leaves, may join Cyril

Bharucha ramps up with 3 lateral partners: Ex-Amarchand Vandana Pai, NDA’s Shafaq Sapre, SuriCo’s Arjun Anand

Vandana Pai BharuchaVandana Pai Bharucha, former Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai corporate partner who left in July 2014 reportedly for health reasons, will join Bharucha & Partners as a partner.

10+ secretly signed into new (Shardul) Amarchand partnership deed today, after impending break-up announced internally for first time

Delhi (now) knowsThe Amarchand Mangaldas Delhi-region partnership, led by Shardul Shroff who is in the final stages of a separation with the half of the firm led by his brother Cyril from Mumbai since November 2014, on Tuesday for the first time announced internally that the firm was likely to split, subject to the outcome of the still ongoing mediation between the brothers that is set to conclude at the end of this month.

Shardul Shroff in talks to set up Mumbai HQ in AZB’s Express Towers office & Fort

Amarchand Delhi’s Shardul Shroff is set to take two additional office spaces in Mumbai after mediation will end, including the soon-to-be-ex Nariman Point office of AZB & Partners.

(Cyril) Amarchand finalises 7 new equity partners + 12 salaried for future home-turf partnership, as Shardul still freezing list

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, as the new partnership under Mumbai-based brother Cyril Shroff is set to be known when started from 1 April, has finalised a list of seven new equity partners, and 12 new salaried partners to be promoted in its existing offices.

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