RTI confirms earlier Legally India figures that Rainmaker / BCI received Rs 4.8 crore / Rs 2.1 crore respectively through bar exam [Bar & Bench / Legally India]

Luthra & Luthra partner Ameet Datta felicitated by artists for advising pro bono on the lobbying for copyright act amendment [Spicy IP]

Kolkata company challenges retrospective Vodafone tax, represented by Khaitan & Co Cal [Mint]

Google complies with 66 per cent of the 2,207 user-data disclosure requests received from the Indian gov’t between July and December 2011; complies with 29 per cent of 101 take-down requests received in same period [Medianama]

Outlook India law school ranking sees Nalsar in top spot ahead of NLS; GNLU slips in below Amity in 10th [Outlook]

State governments allow petroleum products to be taxed under Goods and Services Tax (GST); GST introduces uniform duties across states [Mint]

Del HC PIL demands “special category” status for home schooling; Says parents of children who are not disabled, should have a choice in mode of schooling [Firstpost]

Outlook's top 15 in 2012Outlook's top 15 in 2012

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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 WHAT? 2012-06-19 00:30
How does Outlook rank NALSAR over NLS on selection process? How is the selection process better? I thought it was the same! In fact, the NALSAR reservation policy makes it a worse selection process.

LI, to your knowledge, is there any explanation given by Outlook for ranking different CLAT colleges differently on the basis of their selection process?
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 kianganz 2012-06-19 00:38
Hi #1 - nope, not really sure at all how it all works... Hence our decision not to give as much coverage to these and other rankings as before:

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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Surprised 2012-06-19 10:15

Last year some time, you had done a story talking about how these rankings have no methodology to speak of and are quite arbitrary, speaking specifically of the week's analysis. Does your new policy also mean that we won't see any more of those stories?
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 kianganz 2012-06-19 10:22
Hi - sorry, I'm not sure I understand correctly: would you like to see more analysis stories of why these rankings are flawed?
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 yes 2012-06-19 10:35
Well actually, that would be interesting.
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Surprised 2012-06-19 10:45
Yes, and was wondering if your new policy of not reporting on rakings would also mean that you wouldn't do stories with such analysis.
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 GLC 2012-06-19 17:05
i think the selection process even depends on the students. for eg if top 50 of CLAT go to NLS and ranks 250-300 go to Jodhpur, NLS will be given more marks
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Surprised 2012-06-19 18:41
Then why does NALSAR have a (significantly) higher score than NLS on this ground?

Kian, I know that you've taken an editorial decision to not write about rankings, but whenever these rankings come out there's a common discomfort with the lack of methodology. Unfortunately, the objections to the way these rankings take place is usually not well articulated. This is something LI can help with, and maybe there'll actually be a change. Surely, if you write an article o LI and/or Mint about how the outlook/IT rankings make absolutely no methodological sense, someone will take notice? Unfortunately, too many people still take these rankings seriously, and are influenced by them. People being told that NLIU is better than NUJS is a problem, because if they believe it, and make CLAT preferences that way, they're screwed.
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Jal Cooper 2012-06-19 09:30
GST for India getting closer all the time.
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Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Now Look here!!! 2012-06-19 11:16
says NALSAR is better than NLS
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 WHAT??????? 2012-06-19 11:23
HOW CAN NALSAR be ranked better than NLS??? people at Outlook need to justify their grading system.
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