Kapadia’s media-trial bench clubs 4 earlier cases, broadens scope of hearing from “regulation of coverage of court proceedings” to “regulation of media per se” [Mint]

Ex-Noojie starts own food-tour biz in Delhi after six years in Amarchand Delhi’s dispute resolution team [MyLaw]

Indian elections, astrology, cricket, movies and Jan Lokpal movement are evidence that 90 per cent of Indians are fools, says Katju [Indian Express]

There is no conflict when the 5% individual investor threshold in SEBI’s MII Policy includes convertibles whereas the Takeover Code does not; Legislative object different [The Firm]

How to make India’s rules and regulations work more for its non-bureaucratic citizens [Business Standard]

Katju asks WB secretary of information and cultural affairs why the state should read only dailies chosen by the govt [The Hindu]

SC grants bail to 80 year old 1992 murder convict on grounds of age [Law et al News]

UK Finance Act 2008 as retro as Indian Finance Bill 2012 [TOI]

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Like +0 Object -0 oh no 10 Apr 12, 07:10
God, you know there's something really really wrong with the world when you see that a Yale grad is able to make more sense of India than a former Supreme Court judge.
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