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More than 70 people have died across 11 countries.[1] Four American including one senior diplomat killed in Libya and US warships are already on the coast of Libya.[2] Western Countries including US, UK and France are shutting down their embassies in Islamic Countries due to the threat of more retaliation to the video titled "Innocence of Muslims" uploaded on YouTube. YouTube refused a request from White House to block access to the video claiming that it would be infringement of freedom of expression.[3] Everyone agrees that websites like YouTube and Facebook have been of great use to people across the Arab world and they provided the much needed platform to suppressed voices during the Arab Spring but are they doing more...
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In this post, I am going to discuss how a certain brand of nationalism which I would call perverted nationalism is used to corrupt understandings of terrorism and insurgency in our legal system, which ultimately leads to a gross violation of the Rule of Law. I start with a brief discussion on how the Constitution envisions law, and continue to how existence of this law is then diluted by invocations of nationalist zeal, leading to enactment of repressive laws, which only manage to harden the foundation on which terrorism stands.   What constitutes law? | The Constitutional Mandate Article 21 very clearly lays down that no person is to be deprived of his life or personal liberty without a procedure...
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  On 26th June 1975, a shocked nation heard Indira Gandhi’s unmistakable voice declare in All India Radio “The President has proclaimed emergency. This is nothing to panic about.” Perhaps its obvious that when someone uses such a defensive approach, the opposite is true. Indeed when Mrs. G gave the infamous radio announcement exactly 35 years ago, there was every reason to panic.  Thousands of people were arrested and kept behind bars for months without trial, the freedom of press was largely curtailed, the right to express anything against the government was taken away, forced sterilization was carried out to control population and slums were destroyed to end poverty. These were just some of the reasons why the country had to...
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    @ Mohan Thanks for the comment. If we are still on the lookout for a "committed judiciary", the nation has not really moved away f

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