Brutally raped, badly beaten up, insertion of an iron rod inside her nether private parts and thrown naked on the streets of Delhi. That was a Delhi girl who died of such a brutal attack. While a juvenile partaking with other 5 adults, was considered by the court to be having an innocuous mind though he was the most vicious one than others while committing the heinous crime and resultantly was prosecuted before a juvenile court and was given only a minimal period of 3 years of imprisonment. Brought to the fore was the above case of a 23 year old Delhi girl that created a huge stir in the society.  Among the 6 convicts, one was a juvenile who was...
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  • fatema
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    Certainly, there should be no capital punishment when only rape is committed. what I talked about was to give capital punishment i
Step 1 Use "quotes" to search for an exact phrase such as [ "write an article" ] this would return pages containing that exact phrase while searching [ write "an article" ] would return pages that contain the word write and the exact phrase "an article". Step 2 If you would like to exclude a word or phrase use the "-" symbol. Example [ -write an article ] would return results that have the phrase an article but not the word write. Step 3 Now say you are trying to search the lyrics to a song but can't quite remember the exact words, use the wildcard by including the "*" symbol, to fill in for the unknown word. Example [...
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                                    Last night I chanced upon an article published in the Times of India (link:  This article was emailed to me by my younger sister who is presently interning with a reputed news channel of India. Being part of the organization, albeit temporarily, she gets to scroll through various kinds of news items which are to be rolled out during the day. We were having a discussion on rape and sexual offences etc. when she referred to the aforesaid article published in Times of India. After reading the article, I feel numb, cold, scared and pained. Reason being the author of this article...
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  • Ankita
    Ankita says #
    "The biggest paradox is that they themselves will blame themselves" completely agree with the statement. Its not only them its als
  (Image credit: A majority of people will agree that giving a house on rent is no easy task. In fact, the process can be quite overwhelming for certain people, and can become a serious problem even post the entire process, if it is not carried out properly. A few of the common worries include looking for new tenants, misuse of the property by the tenant, refusal of the tenant to vacate, delay in payment of maintenance fees, and non-payment or deferment in the payment of rent. Most home owners prefer to prepare a legal rental agreement before leasing their flat to potential tenants. In case you’re wondering, a rental agreement is an “agreement that establishes or modifies the terms and conditions concerning the use...
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    worth pointing out here that a leave and license is not a lease..
When we come across with the words like ‘Think different’ or ‘Think outside the box’ what pops up quickly in our mind is the product of Apple Computers the best in terms of technology , or let’s say ‘Because I’m worth it’ ladies would with no instance say that’s  L’Oreal. This is nothing but an effect of distinguished and famous taglines. A tagline is a succinct phrase; it helps to distinguish one producer from another, and is a platform for building goodwill of product in market. Taglines are the easiest and most effective way to communicate to a consumer and also imminent in depicting relationship between trader and goods. It can enhance the value and relevance of your brand, extend its...
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