This is a work of fiction and all events as well as characters are purely figments of imagination. Any resemblance (if at all) to any event or person alive or dead is merely coincidental. This is a sci-fi short story set in 2022 and you are free to stop reading it at any point if you hate sci fi or are annoyed with the poor quality of this writing.  "Yes Sirr!" I blurted out loudly as I was jolted awake from my slumber by Lahsiv's elbow crashing into my ribs. It was a signal for me to wake up and answer my roll call. With the West India National Law University (WINLU) having implemented a compulsory 70% attendance policy, the...
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    Hi, first of all congratulations for writing a brilliant piece. It made me remind me of my days in UPES, College of Legal Studies
    Gradus Ad Parnassum. This Latin phrase means “Steps to Paranassum” (one of the loftiest mountains of Central Greece). The term is often used to seek the gradual progress in literature, language or music.   Literature does resemble Paranassum now.  Lofty.  Fading.     Literature has lately been a compulsory subject in CBSEs and ISCs, nothing more. If more, it has taken form of Chetan Bhagat, some stupid Indian love novels and Amish. What a waste!   The classic literature is long forgotten. O. Henry, Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare are all elusive. People rather prefer chat rooms and internet over classics. The hustle and bustle of the metro cities and hep and happening life of a college student are the...
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    Nice Read Prakhar..thanks.
IN THE WIZENGAMOT CRIMINAL DIVISION DEPARTMENT OF MAGICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT LONDON WEDNESDAY, 17th JULY 1982 B e f o r e: CHIEF WARLOCK MINISTER MILLICENT BAGNOLD SIRIUS ORION BLACK - V - LILY JAMES POTTER Mr. Albus Percival Wulfric Bryan Dumbledore appeared on behalf of the (now deceased) applicant     J U D G E M E N T   CHIEF WARLOCK MILLICENT BAGNOLD:   1)   On 17th July 1982, in the Wizengamot before the Chief Warlock, the defendant Sirius Orion Black was convicted of murder by joint enterprise by a majority verdict. He is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban with a minimum imprisonment of 14 years (less than 395 days spent on remand). 4 co-defendants were...
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    I really really like it, but, being the obsessive Potter head i am, i have a few questions - 1. Why wasn't James Potter one of the
10-minute read
“Please Tapan da,” the actress in the movie on TV begged between uncontrollable sobs, “You can’t shut down production of the movie now! How can you do this now?” her recently estranged character hollered to the director of the art film she’d just finished shooting for, “I have made so many sacrifices for this movie Tapan da, didn’t take on any other work also for the last six months!” Unable to take the begging, sobbing, and the actress’s running nose stretched out on his parents’ 48 inch plasma screen any more, Anirudhh turned the TV off. He then sat in the dark of the living room and flinched, embarrassed at what he had just felt. Aniruddh Sadana, a 26-year-old junior lawyer...
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    great article dude.
She had dreamt of this countless times before, but today she was finally given her chance. The crew was ready for her – their gazes expectant as if she was a theatrical performer. She was fidgety. In the moment before plunging she was sure she would collapse from either the stress of the anticipated fatal fall, or from the stress of having to live down her theatrical self’s clumsy, less-than-perfect tumble in front of her audience. She had felt the gut-wrenching need for a man, her man to be beside her in that moment before the jump, and just transfer the stress from her shoulders to his. He’d be the kind who’d also know exactly which weak links to doubly tie...
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    There was frozen yoghurt, dimsums, and pagination too! Hope you can keep your Maggi down for now
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