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There's this Facebook group for Nalsarites with the motto "Fighting controversy with ridiculosity since 1998". It's pretty cool.

So, I hear on the Webs that I have now apparently become a Nalsar meme, alongside Facebook pages for Veer 'Now Look Here' Singh, and Amita 'Let's Problematise' Dhanda (click the links for a few minutes of amusement - one is "a tribute to to one of the few good things about Nalsar", the other is a bit ruder and not reproducible in a family publication).

Anyway, one anonymous Nalsarite has immortalised me after Legally India's ongoing #Nalsargate story that revealed a somewhat damning/embarrasing report about the law school (I now have my very own hashtag too!).

Here's the first, referencing Legally India's RTI of the secret Nalsar report, as well as a commentary on Legally India's apparent similarity with a tabloid the world's most widely read English newspaper (29 Facebook likes and counting!)

I love the Nolan nod on the next one, as well as the awesome MS Paint skills of the author. And being the Dark Knight in Gotham's Shameerpet district is pretty cool, deserved or not.

Next, perhaps my favourite, because it so neatly picks up on Legally India's Hyderabadi scorpion biryani gag (which is delicious by the way).

I have to admit, I am somewhat flattered.

And despite initial appearances to the contrary, I have reconsidered my opinion: Nalsarites clearly do have a sense of humour.

And finally, just because they are so tasty with massala, here's another picture of a scorpion.

Tiny scorpion
(Say hi! He's apparently called Willie. Scorpion photo by Furryscaly under creative commons licence)

Update Sunday 12 February, 23:50
A new update from the friendly Nalsar Facebook underground. With Nalsar seeking nominations for a new vice chancellor (VC), I am now apparently second in line for students' Nalsar VC nomination with 9 votes. (Disappointingly some person/city-state called Sparta is still the clear front runner with 37 votes).
The good news, however, is that my campaign will soon gather momentum under the new hashtag #KianforVC, to which I have been upgraded by Nalsarites and which is sure to start trending on Twitter anytime now.
My shadowy campaign manager has also knocked together a first draft of the entirely original posters, which has been trialled on said underground FB page and will soon appear on billboards throughout Hyderabad.


  • Guest
    The ANH Team Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    You have a very meme-friendly face Kian. And never mind the hashtag. It's a tad too harsh on you.
    Do check back for more :P

  • Guest
    VKMan Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    No, honestly, that wasn't funny

  • Guest
    Hum bhi nalsarite hai Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    You wrote an article about it on yourself. Surprising!

  • Guest
    jammy Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    what a great one man show!!! you truly are #scumbgKian

  • Guest
    He's just a poor boy Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    Kian Kian. Don't take this to heart.
    This is just the burden of internet fame.

  • Guest
    Concerned Fellow Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    Eh. Let me get this right. You are happy you have a hashtag that calls you a scumbag?

    # You need to improve on sarcasm apart from reporting skills, my dear!

  • Guest
    Hum bhi nalsarite hain. Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    You are too specimen to understand our sense of humour, Kian.

  • kianganz
    kianganz Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    Thanks for your comments. And good work ANH team, had a lot of fun browsing last night!

    @6 - I didn't say I was "happy" with the hashtag per se, but I was thoroughly tickled and a little flattered too that we are capable of creating such controversy.

    In any case, there are few things journalists enjoy (or should enjoy) more than criticism, being satirised and causing a reaction with what they write.

    @7 - have you considered that I am too specimen for you to understand my sense of humour?


  • Guest
    Number 7 Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    @Kian, do you have one?

  • Guest
    Concerned Fellow: Proud to be called No. 7 by Kian. Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    Number 6: Ya. I totally get the drive you get in this fame by sensationalism. Oh but wait, isn't that the issue with trial by media in the first place?
    Anyway, good to know you achieved this journalistic fame because of NALSAR. Clearly your other posts, on non-nalsar subjects, are underrated.

  • Guest
    Y you do this ANH? Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    Its ridiculous that there are people attacking Kian for his coverage. if anything else, LI could have been used as a platform to air the various sides to the story.
    Or succinctly put - ANH Y you attack messenger?
    A 140 page report and internal administrative squabbles in one of India's top 3/4 law school makes a good story. If it wasn't LI, it would have been someone else.

  • Guest
    ANH Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    #11: We are indiscriminate in who we attack. No value judgments, just pure (slightly caustic) fun.

  • Guest
    legal123 Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    haha! NALSARites are such bunch of losers. Seems like u had touched a nerve there.

    Clearly the standards of NALSAR have fallen!

    Kian please do not let these idiots impact ur good work. the rest of the sensible lawyers are with you.

  • Guest
    Ex Nalsarite Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    I dont think any Nalsarite is attacking Kian tbh. If you were fortunate (or unfortunate.. depending on how you look at it) to have been in NALSAR for five years, you would know that the students (most of them) there love and revel in controversy.

  • Guest
    Baap Re! Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    1. Satire is obviously lost on the people belonging to the lower-rung colleges.
    2. NALSARites for reasons yet, unknown, are too lazy to 'explain' themselves. Since, well, the NALSARites, per se didn't 'do' anything.
    They see no point in 'explaining' anything. The distinct difference between NALSAR and other law schools is that the administrative fallacies were reported on by a Committee (which was being acted on, except that the Chancellor recently changed) - other law schools have simply 'adjusted' to such problems.
    3. We still think the joke's on someone else. We looooove controversy (inside or outside) the campus.

  • Guest
    Team ANH Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    We aren't exactly attacking Kian, here. In case you have failed to notice most of this is rather caustic and poking fun at things close to our hearts or otherwise, e.g. The Chief Martial Law Administrator.
    We have our ways of having fun. And yes we love a nice little controversy.
    First rule of PR. Any PR is good PR.

  • Guest
    legal 456 Wednesday, 8 Feb 12

    @legal 123: Prepare for your bar exam! the country needs sensible lawyers.. don't waste time on these frivolous posts.... 123-go, hurry!

  • Guest
    class_monitor Thursday, 9 Feb 12

    @15 - whoa whoa whoa there! before you talk of what people from 'lower rung' colleges are doing, note that most of us are at most vaguely aware, at worst completely indifferent; the number of comments should speak for itself.

    more importantly, your own 'rung' is suspect. i would not advise such hubris regarding 'rungs' or the lack thereof. glass houses, stones, etc.

  • Guest
    Rung Rung! Hit it low dude 8) Thursday, 9 Feb 12

    Aww Class_monitor. Nice try ;)

  • Guest
    Legal123 Thursday, 9 Feb 12

    @legal 456: wow dude. that was an amazing retort! are u also one of those backdoor entries?

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