Constituent Assembly Photograph
It is trend. In first semester when I was supposed to be studying Torts, I used to feel like reading Public International Law. Then when I was doing a PIL moot I felt like reading landmark Constitutional Law judgements. When it was the deadline for moot memo submission neared, I spent a great amount of time reading about a by-election in Singapore and other random things. Tonight, when I am supposed to be reading WTO Panel reports and other material for, I am actually flipping through a (borrowed) Constitution Bare Act. I know, I should totally be looking through Seervai and other treatises on Constitution to find out true intention behind the introduction of the following Articles in the Constitution of...
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Delhi: City of Ambassadors and politicians (and lawyers)
Back when Anna was fasting to death, I was harshly critical of him for holding an elected government hostage. I was firm in my conviction that if you want legislation to be passed, the right way to do it is by communicating your wishes to your elected representative or by getting elected to the legislature yourself. However, with the example that is being set by the current crop of MPs, it makes one wonder whether the people have any other choice but to seek other solutions like Anna's. The culture of disruptions has become so deep-rooted that in the JPC demand protest struck winter session of 2010, the Parliament functioned for only about 5% of the scheduled time while even...
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"Why is he still alive?" "16 crores? Give me 16 crores instead of him" "We have no security but he has the best security in the country" "It has been THREE YEARS!! Justice delayed is justice denied" Now that the third anniversary of the horrendous 26/11 attacks has dawned, many of today's conversations, be it at the watercooler, while hanging in a Bombay local, while drinking chai or in a classroom will have the sentences mentioned above. Almost everyone shall vent out their frustration about their tax rupees (those which they absolutely had to pay after exhausting 9999 methods of avoiding tax) being used keep Kasab alive and secure three years after he was caught. In such cases, the legal...
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