WHO MOVES YOUR CHEESE IN A LAW SCHOOL (what every NLU-ite should know) ‘Who Moves Your Cheese In A Law School?’ This was the question that intrigued me when I finished Dr. Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. Ready to start my sophomore year in college, I often reminisce about the time when I was preparing for CLAT- when the idea of being in a ‘law school’ seemed so exciting- I imagined that it would mean poring over books in the library buried in ‘heavy research’ and having the most exciting trials in classrooms where we would be discussing controversial cases and coming up with fantastic arguments. This is the Cheese (metaphor for ‘happiness’) that I sought while preparing...
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  • utkarsh
    utkarsh says #
    dear devika, your writing skills are preeminent. you should hone your writing skills ........ who knows, you might become a Cheta

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