Senior HS Phoolka wants anti-Sikh riot justice with zeal of 'Nazi hunter'

Legalise prostitution, NCW to ask SC

Law student arrested under IT Act for making 'anti-people' Facebook comment about cyclone

An Andhra Pradesh law student was arrested under the IT Act, presumably section 66A, and the IPC, for allegedly posting a comment on Facebook in English and Telugu that stated “I love u hudhoodh”, referring to the destructive cyclone and noting that it was taking revenge against “betrayers”, reported The Hindu, with NDTV translating it as: "I love you hudhud for nature having selectively punished those who cheated - feeling God is there".

A CID press release said that he “posted irresponsible anti-people comments in the Facebook after the natural disaster Hududh”. The student is reportedly a member of the YSR Congress Party, which is in opposition in AP

Law firms' vanilla debenture rates only half of early 2014 fees: ET

Fixed fee bids submitted by law firms to win work to document clients’ non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are now only Rs 2-3 lakh per NCD, instead Rs 4-5 lakh that law firms would have charged at the beginning of this year, reported the Economic Times citing a “mid-sized law firm” promoter, as in-house departments were increasingly able to handle part of such deals in-house and competition amongst law firms increased.

Another law firm partner told the ET that it billed around Rs 3 crore on NCDs annually.

Cops arrest gay man under section 377 for cheating on arranged wife

A Bangalore employee of Infosys has been arrested under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code for allegedly having sex with another man, which was recorded by his arranged-marriage-wife of six months on a hidden camera, reported the Bangalore Mirror.

The Supreme Court reinstated the colonial-era section 377 provision earlier this year after the Delhi high court had struck down the law, which bans “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and has been used by police to harass the gay community.

RamJet rep's Nithari convict pro bono, SC rejects review petition

Dear Court Witness ji: My senior’s still paying me peanuts while my litigation career continues moving sideways

“At Supreme Court for three years under a kind senior but he's still paying me peanuts and not giving me any great work. At a loss…”

SC tells off gov for leaving Delhi hanging under president's rule

'Sorry, not interested': CJI to Rajiv Gandhi killer in 435(1) plea


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