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The National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) was either an example of a perfect campaign by politicians or of massive good luck, argued Kian Ganz in the Mumbai Mirror on Sunday.

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20% of you still use Windows XP: Why clients should fear you. Is Linux an option for lawyering?

Blue screen of death According to Legally India’s monthly visitor stats, 19 per cent of readers are still on Windows XP, and they (and their clients) could very well get into serious trouble 10 days from today.

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Untangling the Madras HC turmoil: A bar at war, a question of caste, or business as usual?

fp2igb13[20]The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday transferred to itself a week-old Madras high court (HC) petition challenging 12 names that were recommended for judgeship at the same HC, after the apex court ordered that judicial review of the list was not permitted and that the HC lacked the “conducive atmosphere” to hear such a petition.

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The world according to KIAA: India’s youngest & most commented LLP start-up survives first year

KIAAKnowledge Information Acess Associates (KIAA): Recipe of start-up survival, or too young to succeed?

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LI Salary Survey results (pt 2): How much do & will your law firm batchmates make?

Salaries of lawyers - Mint

Exclusive: The second part of Legally India’s salary survey analysis is out in print in Mint today, and coupled with personal interviews and additional research, revealed huge discrepancies between salaries even within the same firm at the more senior levels. Click through to read the analysis.

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A short history of Indian freedom of speech laws: who should we blame?

LI and Mint, together every fortnightToday’s Legally India page in Mint: The typical citizen could be forgiven for fearing that the world’s largest democracy is hurtling towards George Orwell’s 1984 rather than 2013.

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Do you have to pay? Lawyers try to come to terms with service tax saga

LI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: The finance ministry’s latest concession on service tax imposed on lawyers that was notified in June has been welcomed by some; others continue to say it wasn’t enough and many remained unaware of the current law and how, or if at all, they had to pay this tax.

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The story of the Amarchand-CLB order and why being a lawyer is (perhaps) the world’s fourth-most stressful job

It's not easy being a lawyer Exclusive: Just behind being a brain surgeon, an air traffic controller, and flying remote control UAVs over civilians in Afghanistan from Nevada, being a lawyer can be one of the most stressful of jobs in the world.

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Asking clients: Can small legal start-ups compete with the big boys? And do you have to risk your neck?

David LLP v Goliath & Partners?In today’s edition of Mint: “Today our biggest problem is not foreign firms, it is people working at one-tenth the price that we work at,” said Cyril Shroff, the Mumbai managing partner of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co., in an interview in early 2012. “You are constantly being pulled down in price.”

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Ragging: Cured at law school or a more insidious modern-day menace?

Bullies “If you don’t touch his balls, and it gets out that you didn’t listen to a fifth year, no senior will ever help you do research or anything. In fact, I think we might have a word with the student disciplinary committee. You know what they can make you do, right?”

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From the frontlines: Of law school pay packages, the economy and campus recruitment wars

LI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: Law firms enjoy unequal bargaining power in a market where the talent pool is deepening every year.

The sobering state of the economy has got India’s law students worried. For many, particularly at the top few schools, getting a high-paying job was the primary aim of their legal education. The higher pay packets also justified the pursuit of an interest in the law, especially when it came to convincing parents who would otherwise prefer their children aspire for admission to an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

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All-boys clubs and short skirt stereotypes hurt women’s legal careers: SOWL panel

peggy mad men Workplaces are structured to lose the women along the career ladder and colleagues’ and bosses’ attitudes do usually not alleviate the loss, was a hot topic of discussion in a room of 80 women at the Society of Women Lawyers’ (SOWL) annual conference in Delhi on Saturday.

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LI-Mint in-depth: The Supreme Court’s battle against the backlog - a losing proposition, or out of ideas?

imageWhen Chief Justice of India S.H. Kapadia started his term in May 2010 it was widely reported that he didn’t take the traditional May-June court vacation but worked through it, aiming to look at ways of reducing the time it takes to hear cases and making the Supreme Court administration more efficient.

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LI lawyers’ survey, part 1: 15% corp lawyers want to stay 3 years, half want own law firm; Advocates most happy; 75% want foreign firms within 2 years

I can get some satisfaction (graphics by Sandeep Bhatnagar/Mint) In today’s edition of Mint: Indian lawyers have it pretty good when compared with the average citizen, of whom only 8% are positive about their jobs—as a Gallup survey revealed last week. Nevertheless, the corporate law profession faces a crisis of confidence.

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Malpractice insurance catches on despite near-zero risk: Indian law firms get up to $50m cover

LI and Mint, together every fortnight In today’s edition of Mint: Legally India reveals the conundrum of how legal liability insurance has managed to catch on among India’s bigger law firms, despite no one being able to remember any lawyer ever getting sued for negligent advice.

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Chennai writ losers: LPOs, CAs, secondments & logic. Winners: Invisible in-house & pragmatism

1960s Advocates Act: Kaputt? The ruling in the Chennai writ petition was hailed as pragmatic for solving the nearly two-year-old deadlock foreign firms were in. But frankly it is likely to continue exposing the deficiencies of the 1961 Advocates Act in dealing with modern-day India. And it could possibly  plunge a number of industries into a world of pain via the Bar Council of India (BCI).

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Nalsargate exclusive: The inside story of a secret report and the quest for excellence

Report on NalsarUntil last Wednesday, an explosive 161-page document prepared by four judges was gathering dust in the office of Nalsar Hyderabad vice chancellor (VC) Veer Singh for nearly four months. Few, if any, had read it and most faculty and students claimed they were unaware even of its existence or any details.

The story of that report is Nalsar’s alone. But this is also a story of academic power struggles, law school management and students caught in between, that will have near-universal parallels in many Indian law schools.

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The legal brains behind the Vodafone tax case: Salve, R Nariman, Dutt Menon Dunmorrsett & many more

In Mint today: BCI is not an effective regulatorThe Vodafone tax case will not just be remembered for being one of the biggest in Indian history, but also for cementing the reputations of a raft of lawyers at the top of their game and others who are rapidly getting there.

Click here to read about how lawyers like Harish Salve, Rohinton Nariman, Dutt Menon Dunmorrsett (DMD) and others fought the case, exclusively in today’s Mint.

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LI-Mint: US job market remains in dumps; 92% of Indian LLM grads come home empty handed?

Exclusive: A few years ago, Indian lawyers who took a top LLM in the US were inundated with job offers from prestigious US and international law firms. Many accepted. But in 2011 only five out of 60 students got such a ticket. Have $70,000 US LLMs just become a way for colleges to cash in on Indian students? Find out why the Brazilians seem to fare better than the Indians.

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Mint: The NLS experiment has not failed but what about the rest?

Madhava Menon’s national law school experiment of 1986 may have failed to pull hundreds of Indian law schools out of mediocrity but it has brought newfound respect to legal education, reports Mint today. Critics complain that the national law schools have mostly benefited corporate law but this may not be their fault. While no NLS grads have so far made it to senior counsel rank, some are making their mark in litigation.

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LI-Mint investigation: Stack of cards - How Fox Mandal & Little’s merger unravelled

Exclusive in today’s Mint: Revealing two years of research, over 20 interviews with current and former lawyers, and never-read-before insider details and accounts, read the most definitive and balanced account published so far of Fox Mandal Delhi’s financial woes and how the merger between Fox and Little & Co Mumbai unravelled. 

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How Indian lawyers get by on only $1.4m of GDP; Mint & LI demystify Indian legal market

Mint: A page for the legal profession every second FridayMint - easily India’s best quality business daily - will now feature cutting-edge legal industry news and analysis in its pages every second Friday under an exclusive new content partnership with Legally India.

In today’s Mint edition, Legally India editor Kian Ganz’s colum demystifies India’s legal market: Despite India’s fairly average legal population density every lawyer here has to make do with only $1.4m of GDP. This, it turns out, is the lowest figure in both developed and developing legal markets. Click here to read the column on this, pseudo lawyers and more.

Please comment below or on Mint with suggestions for future topics or stories worth covering.

Also in today’s Mint: all-new research on salary progression at law firms, as well as how and why law firm salaries have risen so much in the last five years.

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Exclusive: Law firms pay Rs 8-30 lakh after 6 years, less in Delhi; Starting salaries doubled since 2006


Law firms pay lawyers with six years of experience up to around Rs 30 lakh per annum in Mumbai, revealed analysis of data collected in Legally India’s associate survey, as first published in Mint today.

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Legally India now blogs on The Lawyer; Introduction: The forbidden land of ‘approximately’ 1.2 million lawyers

imageLegally India editor Kian Ganz will now blog regularly in The Lawyer magazine’s new blogs section about the Indian legal landscape. Here is the first post.

By far the personal question that I get asked the most by lawyers in India and abroad is: “Why India?” You might want to ask A&O, CC, Links or Freshfields or the rest of the pack the same question.

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