LI asks BCI chairman MK Mishra why he’s trying to hide BCI minutes: Listen to his response


Lalit Bhasin, SILF’s staunchest liberalisation opponent, suggests 5-7 year roadmap for foreign law firm entry


The epoch of Prashant Bhushan: Court Witness’ brief history of PIL


Everyone who uses the internet should care about the IT Act case that's being argued in the Supreme Court right now [READ PETITIONS]


In two years, number of law schools increased from 800 to 1,200: Now BCI hopes to put brake on mushrooming epidemic

Supreme Court Latest
10 hours ago: Judgment dt.18/12/2014 - Civil Appeal No(s).11527/2014 (Arising out of SLP(C) No. 11684/2012). [link]
12 hours ago: Office Order dt.18/12/2014 - Civil Appeal No(s).4347-4375/2014. [link]
17 hours ago: Judgment dt.18/12/2014 - Civil Appeal No(s).5874-5875/2009 KUMOD KUMAR & ANR. Vs. STATE OF JHARKHAND & ORS. [link]
17 hours ago: Judgment dt.18/12/2014 - Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).792/2014 ADDITIONAL DISTRICT AND SESSIONS JUDGE, X Vs. REGISTRAR GENERAL, HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH & ORS. [link]
18 hours ago: Judgment Dt 18/12/2014 - CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 2335 OF 2014 Jagmohan Bahl & Anr. vs State (NCT of Delhi) & Anr. [link]
19 hours ago: Notice Dt 18/12/2014 - instead of CA No...../2014 @ SLP(C) No.27519/2014 listed for Judgment before Court No.5 as Item No.1D in today's i.e. 18/12/2014 Supplementary List, only SLP(C) No.27519/2014 may be treated to has been Listed. [link]
Yesterday: Judgment Dt 17/12/2014 : WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 562 OF 2012; WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 274 OF 2009; WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 876 OF 2014 [link]
Latest judgments
18 Dec: Additional District And Sessions Judge, X Vs. Registrar General, High Court Of Madhya Pradesh & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: Jagdish Singh Khehar, Arun Mishra
18 Dec: Kumod Kumar & Anr. Vs. State Of Jharkhand & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: Jagdish Singh Khehar, Arun Mishra
17 Dec: Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha & Ors. Vs. Union Of India & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: Ranjan Gogoi, Rohinton Fali Nariman
17 Dec: State Tr.insp.of Police Vs. A.arun Kumar & Anr. [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
17 Dec: State Of Punjab Vs. Labh Singh [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
17 Dec: Mahadeo Narayan More & Anr. Vs. State Of Maharashtra [pdf] [text] Bench: Dipak Misra, Uday Umesh Lalit
16 Dec: Harish Kumar Vs. State Of Haryana [pdf] [text] Bench: Vikramajit Sen, Prafulla C. Pant
16 Dec: Pricol Limited Vs. Johnson Controls Enterprise Ltd & Ors [pdf] [text] Bench: Ranjan Gogoi
16 Dec: S.seshachalam & Ors.etc. Vs. Chairman Bar Council Of Tamilnadu & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: M.y. Eqbal, R. Banumathi
15 Dec: K.k.sharma Vs. High Court Of Delhi & Ors. [pdf] [text] Bench: Ranjan Gogoi, R.k. Agrawal
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