ShrawatShrawatSomasundramSomasundramKrishnamurthy & Co (K Law) has promoted Gaurav Shrawat in Mumbai to associate partner in its corporate practice.

Shrawat, who joined the firm as an associate from Amarchand Mangaldas in 2011 was not reachable for comment. He graduated from ILS Pune and joined Udwadia & Udeshi in 2005 until joining Amarchand in 2007.

The firm’s Mumbai partner Praveen Raju, commented in an email: “We have not announced any partnerships." Two authoritative sources confirmed Shrawat's promotion to associate partner.

K Law co-founding partners Nikhil Krishnamurthy and Naina Krishnamurthy were not available for comment at the time of going to press.

The firm promoted three lawyers to associate partner in May last year when it also started an office in London.

Update: Raju added in an email yesterday evening: “As mentioned in my earlier mail, 'we have not announced any partnership promotions'. We have however announced promotions to the Associate Partner level. K Law has promoted two Senior Associates, Karthik Somasundram and Gaurav Shrawat to Associate Partner level in Mumbai. Karthik is part of the Dispute Resolution team and specializes in commercial and civil litigation. He has been with the Firm since 2011.”

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Like +10 No like -0 Sashikuttan 2014-06-02 13:00  interesting
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Like +1 No like -1 Translate please! 2014-06-03 11:31
Whatever is written on the pic above.
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Like +2 No like -2 Anon 2014-06-02 13:03
It is not clear from the article if the person made it to Associate Partner.
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Like +3 No like -4 congrats 2014-06-02 13:08
Congrats Gaurav... You are a true star!! All the best.
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Like +2 No like -1 PS 2014-06-03 07:56
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Like +9 No like -10 A Law 2014-06-02 13:21  controversial
Hahahha, what is KLAW? A LAW, B LAW, C LAW, D LAW! HAHAHA!
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Like +5 No like -4 K 2014-06-03 03:26
This is too cool.. The guy is not available to comment.. Praveen Raju says no partnership announcements are made.. The K's are not available for comments...
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Like +0 No like -0 Scooter-S 2014-06-04 06:23
pathetic kian. have you joined the BJP/SS?
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Like +1 No like -1 K-Law, Haw Haw 2014-06-04 13:20
Why is the firm so coy about the promotion, even if it be at the "associate partner level"?

From the write-up it seems the Mumbai partner is none too pleased with the development. Hence his "clarification".

BTW many years ago, there was a global firm which went by the name of K-Legal (the legal advisory arm of KPMG) and boasted 6000 lawyers world-wide, until it had to disband in the wake of the Enron scandal (to avoid conflict of interest).
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