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Ravi Singhania: Joint managing partnerRavi Singhania: Joint managing partnerDelhi-headquartered firm Singhania & Partners has entered into an agreement to merge with Mumbai’s Rajani & Partners last week, to become a firm of 100 lawyers and 20 partners.

The new firm will be called Rajani, Singhania & Partners and will have Prem Rajani and Ravi Singhania as joint managing partners based in Mumbai and Delhi respectively.

Rajani consists of around 40 lawyers and 10 partners in Mumbai, with Singhania having around 60 lawyers, of whom the majority is based in Delhi, with smaller offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Singhania’s Mumbai office of four lawyers will join Rajani’s office, which will seek a larger space going forward.

Ravi Singhania said: “Our practices are complementary – we are good in dispute resolution, we have been working well in the project finance area for international clients.”

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Rajani partner Sangeeta Lakhi added that Rajani has traditionally had strength in capital markets, having close its hundredth capital markets transaction recently, though since the market has slowed the firm has also been building up its corporate M&A and private equity practice.

A full financial merger between the partnership would only happen after the end of the financial year, on 31 March, once the integration of internal systems, policy and processes was complete, said Ravi Singhania.

The final equity structure of the joint firm had not yet been finalised, but Lakhi noted that it should not cause problems since it was a merger of equals, as Singhania added that each firm currently had four equity partners, who would retain their equity status.

He said: “The merged firm will give us strength to go further. The main business centres in India are Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore but we are looking at adding Ahmedabad and Pune in due course.”

The new offices would hopefully open some time in 2014, he said.

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Recommend! +13 Objection! -2 ex RA associate 2013-10-22 00:41  interesting
Well a big step for Rajani and Singhania as firms.. Its good that RA has finally after so many years taken the plunge to become a national player.. Just hope the national status is not restricted to the geaographical spread and should also ensure "national" level compensation packages for its associates..
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Recommend! +9 Objection! -1 Guest 2013-10-22 09:42  interesting
Looks like a fox mandal little in the making
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Recommend! +4 Objection! -0 Well wisher 2013-10-22 11:33
Heartiest congratulations and all the very best wishes to Prem and Ravi.
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Recommend! +2 Objection! -28 NLS 2013-10-22 11:46  troll?
None of these firms/office have employed any NLS grad! I don't think they will be successful!
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Recommend! +4 Objection! -5 LKS 2013-10-22 18:18
Because they cannot afford NLS by work and compensation both, see Comment no. 1.
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Recommend! +9 Objection! -1 Amazed 2013-10-23 12:29  interesting
Another lunatic on the prowl. Which client pays you on the basis of the law school you graduated from. Have met many fools from NLS and many genuinely talented people from non NLS backgrounds.
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Recommend! +5 Objection! -1 Jury 2013-10-23 09:34
Quoting NLS:
None of these firms/office have employed any NLS grad! I don't think they will be successful!

This is too much. Do you think NLUs alone are successful in the profession. What kind of attitude is this.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +5 Objection! -2 Amazed 2013-10-23 12:29
No attitude. These are fools having delusions of grandeur.
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Recommend! +2 Objection! -1 Jury 2013-10-23 10:50
Quoting NLS:
None of these firms/office have employed any NLS grad! I don't think they will be successful!

Sheer show of arrogance by one more NLU grad.


NLUs' are already being commented as show-offs and boastful (not that they are the only people on earth with style and knowledge), why do you want to justify the comments.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +4 Objection! -0 Amazed 2013-10-23 12:28
This can only come from one of the NLS trolls. Quite a few of these baboons are out in Tier 1 law firms.
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Recommend! +8 Objection! -4 So called Baboon 2013-10-25 01:19
Get here dude up on these scary heights and then judge whether we are indeed baboons!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +1 Objection! -7 Indeed Baboon 2013-10-25 10:44
Most certainly, you arrogance proves that beyond doubt. We lesser mortals possibly cannot stoop down to your level on "the scary heights".....there are lesser dramatic options in life...not that all of your breed is bad, some are genuinely talented, but there are quite a lot, like the ones who have made comments on this thread of your "elite" pedigree.. clearly are multi coloured baboons. Evolution just reversed with a few of you.
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Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Great decision 2013-10-22 23:36
Hopefully they will really make a National presence..!! all the best wishes...!
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Recommend! +10 Objection! -0 Another ex RA writes 2013-10-22 23:44  interesting
There were a couple of people who had joined from big league law schools.. NUJS, GNLU etc.. but they left in search of greener pastures.. however.. that does not mean that non law schoolites are not good lawyers.. whether in RA or any other firm for that matter.. Wish PGR and RS all the very best..
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -1 SS - Typo much??? 2013-10-23 00:52
"A full financial merger between the partnership would only happen after the end of the financial year, on 31 March 2013"

Hasn't 31 March 2013 already passed?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 kianganz 2013-10-23 01:02
Yes, typo much, sorry - just 31 March (or 2014).
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -5 Associate 2013-10-23 14:02
NLU graduate working with one of the firms. The pay may not be that great, but the kind of work you do is better than any Tier 1 firm! The kind of exposure you would get when you've probably worked with a Tier 1 firm for 4- 5 years and I've got that in a year so...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +15 Objection! -1 EX of many Law Firms 2013-10-23 17:17  interesting  top rated
Have you worked with Tier 1 firms for 4-5 years to know first hand the exposure which they get and then compare the same with your exposure in 'one of the firms' in 1 year?? or are you basing your assumption, presumption and conclusion on what has been told to you by your reporting partner in 'one of the firms'??
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Recommend! +6 Objection! -0 aaa 2013-10-25 15:40  interesting
standard reply given by RA partners when asked for higher salaries ...
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Recommend! +3 Objection! -0 Ex of many Law firms 2013-10-28 00:59
I am aware of that 'aaa'... ;-P
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -3 pseudo lawyer 2013-10-24 00:23
Really????which all firm have u worked with????what all deals have u worked on, apart from uploading form on MCA website????
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Legal 2013-10-24 20:00
Its not about being a national law school graduate. After all the country's top judges and lawyers with whom law school graduates aspire to work with are all people from traditional universities. However the point is that many law firms are not providing adequate compensation to its retainers despite the fact that billings are good. Singhania was not a good pay master despite the fact that it has been operating for more than a decade.Hopefully this should turn around things for those working there. All the best for the future venture.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +6 Objection! -1 Current RA associate writes 2013-10-25 01:15  interesting
You echo my thoughts LEGAL.. Oh yes you my brother from another mother.. Rajani is also not one of the reputed paymasters.. They had hired some of the better consultants for law firm restructuring but going by the compensation structure still at play in the firm, compensation is not one of the better compensation structures in the market.. not only that,with all due respect to the firm and its bosses, speaking of or raking up the compensation structure is still considered a taboo in the organisation.. just hope we got wind of the winds of change and that the merger is one of the first steps on the stairway to heaven when compensation is concerned.. wishing Prem Sir and his entire team (including yours truely) all the very best in the journey ahead.. trudge along and never care for some of the 'costs' on your way Up There in the National League Tables!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 aaa 2013-10-25 15:43
40?? sure??
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +10 Objection! -0 NLU Grad 2013-10-25 08:58  interesting
I am clueless why does every news item that has nothing to do with the subject gets converted into a debate about NLUs v non-NLUs. Guys, get a life. We're all advocates at the end of the day, and how you perform in the profession is what matters, and not your pedigree. Its about keeping clients happy and servicing them well, and the NLUs don't have a patent on that pedagogy. We all learn the same law, regardless of which college / institute / university we come from.

I graduated from one of the NLUs, and yes, I am proud of my alma mater, but aren't we all! What the hell gives us the license to say someone else is not good?

Godspeed to the merger and hope this firm does well!!
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Sunrise 2013-10-28 11:14
This is one more step in the direction of consolidation . To my mind there would be not more than 6000 lawyers in the organized law firms . Consolidation will bring in benefits of scale both on the knowledge management and client satisfaction side . Once the size becomes big it will have to be professionally managed . Once professionalism sets in all will benefit . Both salaries and quality of lawyers will improve . Only the fittest , best and those who know how to share will survive.
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