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Jaswal, laying foundations in Patiala?Jaswal, laying foundations in Patiala?RGNUL Patiala’s 2011 graduating students are only now starting to secure the first ‘desk jobs’ after serious delays now being rectified by the college’s new vice chancellor, who only recently joined from HNLU Raipur.

The Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL) Patiala placement cell was only inaugurated by the new RGNUL vice chancellor Dr Paramjeet Jaswal on 11 May 2011 shortly after he joined RGNUL from HNLU only in February of this year.

Jaswal admitted that the placement cell was started late this year but that the recruitment process for the fourth year students was now already underway.

But he added that during his early talks with students many had indicated that they would like to become litigating lawyers or would practise at the bar alongside family members or relatives.

“One of the major criticisms of National Law Universities was that it has kept on producing corporate lawyers and not litigating lawyers,” noted Jaswal. “Thus, the fact that students at RGNUL are opting to pursue litigation as a career is a very positive change.” Additionally such students would be employers in future and not only employees, he said.

Nevertheless a placement cell had now been constituted to cater to the needs of those students wishing to secure corporate law firm or in-house jobs and the recruitment process of current fourth year students has also commenced, Jaswant added.

A faculty member of the placement cell of RGNUL told Legally India that three students from RGNUL had now secured desk-based jobs in law firms while 12 other students had been shortlisted for Supreme Court judicial clerkships.

The cell member also added that students had been consistently securing internships with law firms such as AZB & Partners, Amarchand Mangaldas, J Sagar Associates (JSA), Crawford Bayley, Khaitan & Co, Luthra & Luthra, and with senior counsel such as KK Venugopal, KTS Tulsi, Mohan Parasaran, PP Rao, Ram Jethmalani and Shanti Bhushan.

Various law firms had responded positively to the brochures sent by RGNUL and some of them have invited the students to their offices for interviews, added the cell.

It is understood that a few students would pursue LLMs in universities in the UK and France.

Jaswal declined to comment on whether the previous administration was at fault for having not constituted a placement cell earlier, but said that various projects such as an active legal aid cells was now taking shape: “Things have improved after I joined the university four months ago. Various initiatives have been taken and RGNUL is also having a mobile justice van where we advise people of rural areas on legal issues. This is certainly a positive change.”

Jaswal had joined RGNUL in February 2011 for personal reasons, vowing to tackle similar challenges at RGNUL as had been faced by HNLU in its early years.

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Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 finally 2011-06-23 22:25
finally some ray of hope
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Recommend! +11 Objection! -0 RGNUL 2011-06-23 22:55  interesting
WE told you peeps...take that!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 Lawyer 2011-06-24 17:47
you guys are scaring me with your language, OH people of RGNUL...! here i am really hoping that this college comes up well, but your comments (and the language used) is incredulous!!! Not only here, but in previous comments under various articles... when you guys are trying to prove a point, u start sounding funny.... "peeps"... seriously dude! come-on.. I sincerely hope that things improve with the coming batches given that you would get some bright students on account of the massive joke of an exam that NUJS conducted this year...
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Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Alumnus 2011-06-23 22:59
Oh! The Univ. woke up..! But, the damage is done and cannot be undone. The damage is irreparable. Multitudinous lifes have been sabotaged.

Nonetheless, since it began its redeeming its fault, much kudos...!

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Recommend! +5 Objection! -0 Holy Trinity 2011-06-24 02:56  interesting
What damage are you talking about sire ?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +7 Objection! -0 Attorney 2011-06-24 10:46  interesting
Kian, I suggest you avoid using the term 'desk jobs'.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Lawyer 2011-06-24 17:42
I agree with the above comment Kian... stop using it... even though i am sure this isnt being used with any mal-intent, but it really sounds demeaning....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Aditya Kandy 2011-06-25 20:24
But how does it matter Mr./Mrs. Attorney???? Desk jobs refers to all the clerical jobs that anyone does irrespective of profession,then why should neone go creepy bout it????
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 Lawyer 2011-06-28 10:56
it is exactly what was sought to be avoided... bofos like you equate the term 'desk jobs' with 'clerical jobs' ... had people like you not been in existence, the requirement of this discussion in the first place wudnt have arisen.
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Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Ex- RGNUL 2011-06-24 19:48
It is really very unfortunate that the previous administration never recognized the importance of placements.
If one were to go by the track record of Prof. Gurjeet Singh, his appointment as the Director/ VC, as the case may be of NLU Assam is an 'academic- institutional suicide'.
The achievements of students and their credentials cannot be doubted nevertheless. RGNUL's ranking in the LI MPL is a case in point.
Prof. Jaswal has a ring side view of problems plaguing this institution. He has learnt his lessons from HNLU fiasco very well.
Writing off RGNUL's name only on account of this debacle indicates premature decision making.
This article should only bolster Prof. Jaswal's spirit but not bring in complacency.
I am glad, finally some damage control measure is underway.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Ex- RGNUL 2011-06-24 19:55
"Desk- job" some how sounds pejorative.
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Recommend! +4 Objection! -0 RGNULite 2011-06-25 08:59
I am happy that our VC sir took control of the sinking ship. Hope now he will understand the consequences of giving power to inefficient people. Hope next time he takes opinion of students in university matters as they are the only ones who are concerned about development of RGNUL..
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Recommend! +14 Objection! -0 RGNUL 2011-06-25 14:52  interesting  top rated
But he added that during his early talks with students many had indicated that they would like to become litigating lawyers or would practise at the bar alongside family members or relatives.

“One of the major criticisms of National Law Universities was that it has kept on producing corporate lawyers and not litigating lawyers,” noted Jaswal.

These are nothing but fake excused made by the university authorities and infact there was no such conversation between the students and university authorities.
We being the alumni of RGNUL do not want to share much more on this public forum which can effect the image of our very own college. But it is very serious state of affairs which is required to be taken into consideration not only by the university authorities but also by the students, member of general, executive and academic body, state government & other legal luminaries etc. so as to keep a check on all the actions taken by the university people. It is also required to be noted that there must not be any harassment to the students who wish to know the in and out of the university by the way of filing RTI applications. Students of RGNUL are no doubt is not less than any other students which we can make out from the results of several national and international moot courts, internships, conferences etc.
We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.
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Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 Wooden Desk 2011-06-25 19:38
So soothing to the ego...a "desk job"...cos' you were too faint-hearted to get into the hurly-burly of the field (read: the court room.

Well done, Kian. These "corporate types" needs some deflating. Time to get their feet on the ground - and behind their desk!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Lawyer 2011-06-27 11:16
"Corporate types need some deflating".... haah!! one of the most ridiculous statements heard.... if u r practicing as an advocate in courts, then you are clearly working on a corner office situated in a basement of a house in a village whose name doesnt appear on India's map, coz otherwise any half wit person who has worked with a practicing advocate in courts cannot say that 'egos of corporate types are bigger'!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 rgnul 2011-06-27 00:21
man these people are really big [...] nothing has been done by the placement cell of the university,,,,,
the internships they are telling about are not by the placement or internship cell bt by students themselves... the big names they are talking about in the above news wont even let them come inside the office,,,
frankly [...] had ruined its name...
strict advice to all the parents " in any case dont let your ward study over here"
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +3 Objection! -0 NLIU-ite 2011-06-28 00:02
This article is in fact really funny if you look at it. Firstly, the new VC mentions that he had a "talk" with the students and majority of them are interested in joining litigation. On top of that they mention that a lot of students have interned in the top firms. So the question remains, that Did the students not get a job in these top firms? or their VC/ Placement committee hiding the facts saying that students are interested in litigation bcos they had no corporate placements. Or may be, the students at RGNUL are really confused about what they want to do. LOL
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +8 Objection! -0 TESLA COIL 2011-06-28 12:19  interesting
Yah LOL..it's onna rise to new heights in the future dude. NLIU Bhopal is degrading as it is, so keep ur stuff to urself!!!!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 NLIU-ite 2011-07-05 03:03
LOL - Your really kidding me now. If this article itself wasn't a joke, what you said surely is!Must admit, you "peeps"(read above comments) are quite entertaining and amusing.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Kasab 2011-07-05 04:28
What you fail to understand is that new law schools can NEVER match upto universities that were established and continue to exist since 1988.
That's a fact. SO wake up, slog hard. Siddharth Law College ftw!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Ram_NLUS 2011-07-05 04:29
I think the debate is nothing. Go play Angry Birds.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Shanky 2011-07-05 14:45
If you have it all cleared up in your top floor, why are you wasting your precious time reading articles on legallyindia. Do something constructive, instead!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Sujoy Singh 2011-07-05 17:24
Reading is constructive. It enhances one's vocabulary and develops personality. Think before you write.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Oh Grow Up, Maybe Evolve 2011-06-28 23:46
Oh dear. Why can't all of you just shut up and study or something?! That will help you get jobs. GOD! It's unbearably annoying to see you people crib and pat each other on the back in the comments on this website. What are you so excited about? The VC gave statements which amount to a grand total of nothing. Read the article again, and this time, use your brains.

There's no point getting your panties in a bunch. Just sit and don't worry about the placements if you're not in the current 4th or 5th year. If you are, then start working for the placements, if you haven't already.

Geez, between this and the juvenile whine that is Brajesh Rajak's imbecillic novel, my holidays are near enough spoilt. If you're college can't arrange for interviews, do it yourself. The old-school way. Stop crying.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +3 Objection! -0 Rag-NOOOOOOOOOL 2011-07-02 12:28
Wow dude, ur holidays are spoiled by some comments on LegallyIndia. I think what you need is to get a life.
If you're so repulsed by these comments, why bother reading 'em at all...and most of all, why bother whining about them then?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +1 Objection! -0 Oh Grow Up, Maybe Evolve 2011-07-03 00:47
I thank you for your insight, kind sir. There is, however, a basic fallacy in your reasoning. How would anyone come to know that he/she is bothered by something he/she read without having read it in the first place? So, it is impossible for anyone to be bothered by these comments without reading them first. Now that's something to think about.

I'll get a life, meanwhile you find yourself a brain. Aah, flaming feels so good!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Hamas 2011-07-03 11:57
Are you both on some kind of medication?

@Oh grow up
Flaming feels so good coz that's all you and you law school does all the time. Go and study or something man.

I understand RGNUL is growing fast but you dun hav to brag abt it here, do u ? Stop coming here!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 Shanky 2011-07-05 14:54
Well said!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +0 Objection! -0 outsider 2011-06-29 12:02
Now close the chapter
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 Outsider #2 2011-07-02 12:29
But it has begun just now! RGNUL is making some solid steady growth...it cannot be stopped or closed, for that matter!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
Recommend! +2 Objection! -0 outsider 2011-07-04 10:21
my best wishes to all of you
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link

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