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The BarHacker team critiques the first All India Bar Exam, provides model answers with explanations on where to find them, examines whether it is possible to score perfect marks and suggests a way forward for the next exam.

Apart from the batch of 2010 law graduates who took the first ever All India Bar Exam, a lot of lawyers and law students will be interested in knowing what minimum standard the BCI is actually setting through the Bar Exam.

BarHacker’s unofficial answer key with page references in study materials:

1. E. Book 1, Pages 7-8

2. D. Book 1, Pages 7-8

3. B. Book 1, Page 9

4. A. Book 1, Page 9

5. A. Book 1, Page 3

6. E. Book 1, Page 10

7. B. Book 1, Page 6

8. C. Book 1, Page Page 31

9. D. Book 1, Page 20

10. B. Book 1, Page 31

11. B. Book 1, Pages 26-27

12. A. Book 1, Page 21

13. B. Book 1, Page 24

14. C. Book 1, Pages 39-40

15. D. Constitution of India, Art. 3 Proviso. [Answer is not clear in the study material; the topic is covered in Book 1, Page 43]

16. D E. Book 1 Page, 44

17. B. Book 1, Page 51

18. A. Book 1, Page 55

19. C. Book 1, Page 60

20. A. Book 1, Page 66

21. B. Book 1, Page 54

22. A. Book 1, Page 79

23. E. Book 1, Page 85

24. B. Book 1, Page 89

25. D. Book 1, Page 100

26. E. Book 1, Pages 78-79

27. D. Book 1, Page 97

28. B. Book 1, Page 88

29. E. Book 1, Page 109

30. C. Book 1, Page 106

31. E. Book 1, Page 111

32. B. Book 1, Page 107

33. D. Book 1, Page 117

34. D. Book 1, Page 108

35. D. Book 1, Page 121-122

36. B. Book 1, Page 134

37. B. Book 1, Page 124

38. B. Book 1, Page 123

39. E. Book 1, Page 131

40. D. Book 1, Page 130

41. D. Book 1, Page 133

42. C. Book 1, Page 132

43. E. Book 1, Page 144

44. B. Book 1, Page 150

45. C. Book 1, Page 153

46. D. Book 1, Page 150

47. B. Book 1, Page 143

48. C. Book 1, Page 145

49. D. Book 1, Page 152

50. D. Book 1, Page 158

51. B. Book 1, Page 158

52. E. Book 1, Page 167

53. C. Book 1, Page 162

54. C. Book 1, Page 168

55. E. Book 1, Page 162

56. D. Book 1, Page 159

57. E. Book 1, Page 183

58. C. Book 1, Page 177

59. C. Book 1, Page 177

60. C. Book 1, Page 181

61. B. Book 1, Page 177

62. D. Book 1, Page 183

63. E. Book 1, Page 184

64. C. Book 1, Page 191.

65. B. Book 1, Page 188 – 189

66. A. Book1, Page 192

67. E. Book 1, Page 187 – 188

68. A. Book 1, Page 198

69. B. Book 1, Page 187

70. B. Book 1, Page 171

71. D. Book 1, Page 211

72. D. Book 1, Page 205

73. A. Book 1, Page 203

74. B. Book 1, Page 206

75. A. Book 1, Page 200

76. A. Book 1, Page 208

77. D. Book 1, Page 202

78. E. Book 2, Page 17

79. D. Book 2, Page 6

80. B. Book 2, Page 34

81. D. Book 2, Page 22

82. D. Book 2, Page 43

83. D. Book 2, Page 60

84. D. Book 2, Page 78

85. D. Book 2, Page 73

86. B. Book 2, Page 13

87. C. Book 2, Page 86

88. C. Book 2, Page 117-118

89. C. Book 2, Page 103-104.

90. E. Book 2, Page 124.

91. C. Book 2, Page 111

92. A. Book 2, Page 147

93. E. Book 2, Page 144

94. A. Book 2, Page 155 [only the principle is mentioned in the material, not the correct position in international law]

95. E. Book 2, Page 41

96. A. Book 2, Page 65

97. E. Book 2, Page 25 [Requires prior knowledge of Company Law to identify whether the company was a private company or a public company from its name. Required information is not in the material]

98. E. Book 2, Page 30. [Principle requires application. Answer is not mentioned directly in study material]

99. A. Book 2, Page 115

100. C. Book 2, Page 41

The entire justification of putting so many students through the exam is to improve the quality of lawyers, therefore if the question paper does not test a minimum acceptable level of knowledge and skill, it will be quite futile to make so many students pay a substantial amount and have them go through the toils of an exam. Also, would-be lawyers who are yet to write the exam may also be interested in knowing what sort of paper they should expect.

Therefore we thought it will be a good idea to analyze the first ever AIBE paper. Please share your opinion about the paper in the comments and whether this paper will really set an acceptable minimum standard for a lawyer newly qualified to practice in Indian courts.

The hard stats

The paper had 100 questions in total, with a substantial portion of the questions being application-based. It was an open book exam, and most questions were clearly developed from the BCI material that everyone who registers for the Bar Exam is supplied with. Carrying those two modules would have been sufficient for all purposes, unless you wanted to save time as far as possible, in which case carrying some major acts like the CPC or CrPC would have helped. Three-and-a-half-hours was a lot more time than most people needed to solve the paper.

Even for a person who had very minimal preparation, in theory it was possible to look up every question for the correct answer. In many, many questions even looking at any book was unnecessary as one could reach the correct answer simply by eliminating all the impossible answers. Some application-based questions were totally redundant, and at best what they tested was reading comprehension.

The standard of questions was not uniform throughout the paper. While some questions were good, a surprising number of questions did not deserve to be in a paper to be written by law graduates.

Some ostensibly application-based questions did not require any sort of application skill whatsoever. Consider Q. no. 95, from Part II, in which all questions were supposed to be application-based.

Which Article of the Constitution of India has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to include the right to a wholesome environment?

Principle: Enjoyment of life, including the right to live with human dignity encompasses within its ambit the protection and preservation of the environment, ecological balance free from pollution of air and water, and sanitation, without which life can not be enjoyed.


A. Article 19(1)(a)

B. Article 19(1)(g)

C. Article 246 read with Schedule VII

D. Article 14

E. Article 21

Does solving this question require application of the principle given? Rather than providing any legal rule, the principle gives a hint that the relevant Article will talk about Right to Life. I am afraid this is not really an application-based question apart from the fact that even those who have read a class IX civics book will be able to answer this question.

Some of the questions did not require any knowledge of law or preparation to solve, because the wrong options were totally absurd and one did not have to be a lawyer to eliminate the obviously wrong options. Consider this question from property law section (Question no. 73):

What is a contractual obligation of the parties in relation to transfer of an immovable property commonly referred to as?


A. A covenant

B. A condition

C. A consideration

D. A termination

E. A cancellation

Look at another such question:

A and B are married. A wants to have children. B deliberately and consistently refuses to fulfill this wish. In light of the principles set out below, which is the most accurate option?

Principle: Cruelty is a ground for divorce under Hindu Law. To amount to cruelty, the acts must be of a more serious nature than mere wear and tear of married life.

A. A can be granted divorce on grounds of cruelty.

B. B can be granted divorce on grounds of cruelty as A's request is unusual.

C. A can not be granted divorce on grounds of cruelty as his request is unusual.

D. B can be granted divorce on grounds of cruelty as A's request is cruel.

E. Since the marriage has been consummated no divorce is possible under Hindu law.

In some questions one just had to identify the option which merely rephrased or restated the principle in its entirety. See question no. 79:

Rule 5 of a delegated legislation claims to derive is authority from section 57 of the delegating Act. However, the Act only has 55 sections. Which of the following statements is the most accurate application of the principle set out below?

Principle: If a Rule is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provition of a statute but otherwise falls within the competence of the rule making authority, wrong labelling will not render the Rule ultra vires. [Emphasis added]


A. The Rule would be invalid as it is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provision of the Act.

B. The Rule will not be invalid as it is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provision of the act.

C. The Rule would not be invalid even if it is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provision of the act.

D. The Rule would not be invalid even if it is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provision of the Act, provided that the Rule otherwise falls within the competence of the rule-making authority. [Emphasis added]

E. The Rule would be invalid if it is wrongly stated to be framed under a particular provision of the Act, even if the rule otherwise falls within the competence of the rule making authority.

Please note how Option D is just a rephrased and rearranged version of the principle.

There were more allegedly application-based questions that just required one to merely identify the option that just reiterates the principle. For instance, check out Question no. 88.

Company A engages the services of Contractor B to supply it some labourers on contract basis. The appropriate Government subsequently abolishes contract labour in the industry that Company A is engaged in. In light of the principle below, which of the following options is the most accurate?

Principle: When the appropriate Government issues a notification under Section 10 of the Contract Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1970 abolishing contract labour, the employees of the contractor will not automatically be absorbed into the employment of the the principal employer if the contract was genuine. [emphasis added] If, however, the contract was not genuine, but a mere camouflage, the so-called contract labourers would be deemed to be employees of the principal employer.

A. if the contract between A and B is genuine, then the labourers would be deemed to be employees of A.

B. If the contract between A and B is genuine, then the labourers would be retrenched.

C. If the contract between A and B is not genuine, then the labourers will be deemed to be employees of A.

D. If the contract between A and B is not genuine, then the labourers will be deemed to be employees of B.

E. If the contract between A and B is not genuine, then the labourers will be retrenched.

Answering this question may require some basic reading comprehension skill and cognitive ability, but hardly any lawyerly skill of applying legal rules!

Similarly, take a look at Question no. 82:

A certain locality lack proper drainage system for discharge of water, as a result of which, dirty water from the houses and rainwater was accumulating in its lakes. Growth of moss and insects in the area increased the possibility of an epidemic. In light of the principle below, the remedies are available to the residents?

Principle: Aa. 32 and 226 of the Constitution empower the Supreme Court as well as high courts to issue writs, directions, or orders.


A. Only a criminal case may be filed against the municipal authorities. [Seriously. This was an option!]

B. Only a civil suit may be filed against the municipal authorities.

C. Only a tortious action may be filed against the municipal authorities.

D. The residents may seek redress in either the High Court or the Supreme Court under the writ jurisdiction of those courts.

E. The residents have no remedy.

What was the required level of corporate law knowledge to solve this paper? Take a look at Question no 81:

A and B are the shareholders of company C, a private limited company. Which of the following statements is the most accurate application of the principle set out below?

Principle: A company has a separate and distinct legal identity from the members who composed it.


A. Either A or B can be sued for the acts of Company C.

B. Only A can be ordinarily sued for the acts of Company C.

C. Only B can be ordinarily sued for the acts of Company C.

D. B can not be ordinarily sued for the acts of Company C.

E. Both A and B must be sued together for the acts of Company C.

Can a person who did not learn much law in college, and came to write the exam armed with the BCI material pass the paper without any preparation?

While some of the questions were of an absurd standard, and in our opinion do not really serve to gauge any level of competence in a lawyer ready to practice in the courts, there were many questions that were of much better standard. Please do not reach the conclusion that I am suggesting that questions should be difficult. It is just that some of the questions, like the ones quoted above, serve no purpose in an exam, and certainly does not test any sort of lawyering skill or knowledge, perhaps except for reading comprehension.

While a majority of the questions were easy and some of the absurdly easy for the purpose of scoring marks, there were some difficult questions as well. In fact, even a well-prepared student would find one or two questions in every ten to be tricky or difficult. The correct strategy for any student therefore would have been to identify 40-50 easiest questions (of which there were plenty) first and answer them quickly. That would have safeguarded the object of passing the exam, following which one could try and maximize the score by attempting the rest.

A majority of questions would have required one to consult the BCI material or some book. Some prior understanding of legal concepts would have certainly been a great help. However, if your law is weak (if not in all subjects, then at least in the majority of them) and you still went without any preparation and thought that you could look up all the answers as it was an open book exam, you probably had a tough time. Flipping through the study material for every question can be a very exhausting exercise. It made sense to be familiar with the material, and to know the basic concepts.

Question paper pattern

The pattern of the question paper was exactly as the Bar Council had stated, and it was very similar to the Model Test Paper released by the BCI. In Part I, questions pertaining to each Category A subject were separately indicated and were all mentioned together. However, within the same Category A subject, the questions were well shuffled. So, if you had no idea, you would quickly get tired flipping pages back and forth for each question, and would have slowed down.

Part II was slightly less easy as most students have told us. In the mock, these were all problem based questions and subject headings were not mentioned. Also, questions from the same subject were not bundled together and were scattered throughout Part II. Hence, identification of the correct subject would have proved to be a useful skill, as that could make looking for answers in the reading material much easier and save you valuable time.

Distribution of questions in Part II

Labour law, family law and company law were the most heavily tested upon, with 4 questions each, and administrative law and environmental law featured 3 questions each.

There was one question each on Torts and Public International Law, and two on taxation.

Tough nut to crack, or a cakewalk?

Passing the exam, however, should have been easy, unless you wasted time looking for a few answers in the material for too long. One just had to read all the questions calmly and not get rattled by difficult or unfamiliar questions.

In fact, unless one was extremely well prepared, about thirty to forty questions would have required one to refer to the preparatory material, just to confirm and cross check. By and large, individual strengths and weaknesses would have determined which subjects appeared to be tougher than others.

In Part II, the tax questions were pretty difficult and required a very deep understanding of the concepts, particularly the question on whether a penalty and interest on late payment on tax could be allowed as a deduction. Nevertheless, like most other questions, both were simply lifted word for word from illustrations in Book 2 of the Preparatory Material. Irrespective of whether one had a clear notion of the concept or not it was possible to answer a lot of the difficult questions, even without understanding them, by a blind reference to the material.

Concluding observations

Was the first All India Bar Exam a walk in the park for any serious law student? Is scoring hundred out of hundred easy in this paper? Certainly not. There are anywhere between ten to twenty tricky questions at least, which anyone can get wrong.

This is the first time an entrance exam was held for lawyers, in the face of huge opposition by students and multiple writs against it. A question paper where passing was challenging could have fuelled student opposition further.

Still while keeping the paper easy, the standard of some of the questions could have been improved. However in subsequent years, as more and more students get attuned to the idea of the Bar Exam, we'd expect that the minimum standard set by BCI for graduates wanting to practice law will improve.

The author is team BarHacker, which built the first online All India Bar Exam preparation course at www.barhacker.in

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+1 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 18:51
Pg 43 Of the study material, Para 45 States that " Parliament has the Authority to form new states , to alter the territories or names of their states without their consent or concurrence, and to alter the area , boundaries or names of existing states by a law passed by simple majority.

In your solution answer given is D, I think it should be A
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+1 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 19:28
Trust me, a good chunk of law grads cannot clear even this exam.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+1 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 19:33
A 15 - I believe A should be the Answer -

Quote from study material " Parliament has the authority to form new states , to alter the territory or names of the states without thier consent or concurrence and to alter the area , boundries or names of existing states by a law passed by a simple majority.

A16. E

in the question the provision is for NON-RESIDENTS.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+1 -0 Dubby 2011-03-12 20:02
I said a long time ago, when model papers were put on the BCI website that one didn't need to be a lawyer to pass this examination. Maybe I couldn't get 100% but 40. 50 or even 60% - no sweat. Commonsense and slightly above reading, comprehension and logical reasoning skills would suffice. Perhaps some dimwit who cannot read and has purchased his law degree may fail, but who else?

"A question paper where passing was challenging could have fuelled student opposition further." - This sounds a poor excuse for making this exam so easy. Having set the bar at such a ridiculously low level (pardon the pun) how has the stated purpose of this exam been achieved?

I personally am fully supportive of the need to have a standardised bar examination. Mere possession of a law degree issued by colleges of vastly differing standards should not be all that is required to practise law. (This is not to argue that the various challenges to the conduct of the exam on legal issues are justified or not.

It may be of interest that in the US, law schools have had their registration suspended because of an unacceptably low pass percentage of graduates in the respective state's bar exams. Perhaps the BCI, once the legal challenges are settled, should up the ante and put law schools here under pressure to ensure their graduates are well prepared to pass a challenging bar examination.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+1 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 21:34
Even I think the answer to Q. 15 should be A.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -1 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 22:37
I totally agree with @4. Settting out standards for the legal profession is very important, as I myself know people who have cleared five years of law even though they lack even the basic knowledge of law.

However according to me such competitive exams must be conducted, before students are admitted to legal profession and not after they have completed five years (or three years, as the case may be). Such entrance exams conducted can serve the purpose of setting "minimum standards".

Conducting such exams after getting law degrees in hand, only increases hardships of those, who complete their 5 year LLB course,get degrees in hand but cannot practise law only because they cannot clear these bar exams. So their five inportant years when they could have done something more meaningful in life have gone waste....!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 23:10
Is there a break-up of 31 right answers in Category A and 9 in Category B to pass? Or is it a total of 40?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 23:30
i think answer to Q. no. 16 is E as fundamental right is only limited to Citizens of India. whereas the ques is taking about 'in favour of any backward class of NON-CITIZEN'.
so i think answer should be - E- none of teh above.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-12 23:31
yes even i feel Answer to Ques. 15 should be A.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 00:21
clarifications: answer to 15 can not be a, simply because the question is talking about formation of a new state from the territory of existing states while option a deals with admitting a new state to territory.

D on the other hand, refers to creation of a new state from the territory of existing states and is correct because it is consistent with article 3 proviso of the constitution.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 00:22
for question no 16, thanks for pointing out, D is not the correct answer, E is the correct answer.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 00:28
@7 yes, there is indeed a minimum passing score of 31 in Category A and 9 in Category B.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 00:50
The answer to Q.15 is A coz of the mention of the words 'Simple Majority'.. while the others mention other types of majority.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 01:30
Option A is about admitting a new state (Example: The time we took in Sikkim to the Union of India or Goa) Option D is creating a new state from existing territory.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 02:09
Great all we need are juniors telling us the answers. The 2010 can do no right :-)
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Romilla 2011-03-13 04:00
i am in my third year.. i hope it doesn`t become difficult like all these AIPMT or AIEEE
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 04:16
my score is 84
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 06:50
sorry answer for 15 is D
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 07:05
Shit. I am from nlu,lucknow.

firstly we got no jobs here. So much for the sake of a NLU. I mean two girls got placement at amarchand mumbai and rest of the batch not even a 5000rs job. Same story about to go for nxt batch which has 160 studnets.

secondly, ab meri hat rahi hai!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-13 07:18
Apart from these.rest answers r correctly put there.....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-13 07:19
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-13 07:31
to Mr 17 ... so according to BCI u will be one of the best lawyer ever in India has seen...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 07:42
to Mr 22... yes atleast i will strive to be one of the best in India.. What about u.. instead of mocking others try to put that energy into something worthwhile.. life is short..give the best at everything u do..
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-13 08:34
to Mr 23 Thanx pal........hv no hard feelings...... i think u didnt get my point....nyway.. since life is short ..let me find the mening of life rather then being a lawyer who couldn't save himself......... all the best.......
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -1 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 09:39
I'm scoring 93. I'd like to be knighted and given title 'Lord'.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 09:56
#19 so? how is that relevant?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-13 22:29
to Mr 2.. u r saying so becoz u may be from metros or from states where there is lot of exposure.....plz think about those students who have no such exposure and the law college has no adequate and apt faculty.....so this will be v wrong n selfish on ur part to mk such comment......put them in the same plain and then judge ..what is what?
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 00:31
I think the criteria of pass or fail in this exam does not depend on being from metro or non-metro. The exam was easy enough to enable any candidate to pass even if he might have done LLB in distance mode. The paper contained sufficient questions on basic concepts of law & not many tricky problems. So I feel passing in this exam or even passing with good marks will hardly make any difference as it was not a competitive exam like judicial service or UPSC where strictly merit counts.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 00:48
thanx Mr. saha .... but untill and unless u see and be in that condition and position ....u wont be able to understand what is the practical scenario...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 robin sin 2011-03-14 00:54
in exams when cheating is going on,i dnt see a point tht how th bar wants to distuinguish lawyers on the basis of merits
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 01:10
Comment with Ref to Ques 1
I think that in view of Sec. 10 (1) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, it is clear that only odd number of arbitrators can be appointed.
Hence, in my POV the option should be (D) and not (E).
I am unable to find any provision of law which states that in case of even number the parties are deemed to waive of their right. In fact, even the Study Material sent in by BCI mentions about a case of Page 8 Para 2 - Narayan Prasad Lohia v. Nikunj Kumar
Lohia, (2002) 3 SCC 572 - that in case of appointment of two arbitrators, then, a third arbitrator should be appointed by them.

Then why is the correct answer being supplied as option (E)
Please dont try and give the case cited in Para 1 in support of the option (E) as the same is from the same judgement and the ratio as laid down in the judgement was the principle laid down in Para 2 and not para 1.

Kindly Explain ! Awaiting your answer !
Thirst Never Dies @ NO. 30
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 03:55
#31 the agreement surpasses that Act. so if in agreement u seem to hv waived it.......it will be deemed so......
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 04:24
Book 1, Page 8 (Lines 25 - 35):
"Where the parties have participated without objection in an arbitration by an arbitral tribunal comprising two or an even number of arbitrators, however, it is not open to a party to challenge a common award by such tribunal on the ground that the number of arbitrators should not have been even. The parties are deemed to have waived such right under S.4 of the 1996 Act. (Narayan Prasad Lohia v. Nikunj Kumar Lohia, (2002) 3 SCC 572)"


A reading of the Lohia case (quoted above) informs us of the following:

Parties CAN CHOOSE even number of arbitrators. ONLY in case there is a divided verdict (where equal number of arbitrators are in favour of each opinion), will there required to be an appointment of another arbitrator.

Second, it is not the parties that have to appoint the third arbitrator. It's the first two arbitrators (that is, if the tribunal consists of 2 arbitrators), who can appoint a third arbitrator. This is ONLY NECESSARY IF they have arrived at a split decision between themselves. Hence, appointment of the third arbitrator would resolve the split. Note that this process DOES NOT allow parties to challenge an award on the ground that the arbitral tribunal comprises an even number of arbitrators.

Therefore, as per the Lohia case (quoted above), parties CANNOT challenge the composition of an arbitral tribunal comprising an even number of arbitrators. I hope tht clarifies your doubt
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 07:14
Can u pls explain me the 27th question after going thru Page 97 (Lines 27-37 ). Am just confused over it!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 09:29

brother, may be I can't understand ur situation. but I want to say that in my state also there is only one govt. law college where students are dependent mainly on private tuitions to pass their exams as the college is having no adequate & qualified faculty for last 2 decades.no regular classes, no moot courts, no interactive discussions. moreover the private tutors themselves are senior law students or law gradutes who haven't joined the bar & choose to teach students. students of such college also claimed that they will score not less than 70 in AIBE. so think about the situation !!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 10:24
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 10:32
To mr 29 i dont know which r those students who told u this...coz i was present there in the center...in the NE center...and i hv personally spoken to them.....so might be u hv been mislead....and if they get i will be vv happy and all the credit goes to them.... And more this exam which is itself unconsti.....was a needless waste and burden on the students..sp NE region....

#2 Trust me, a good chunk of law grads cannot clear even this exam...
regarding this comment i will say...prehaps u r thinking too much of urself...and may be u dont deserve to be in this law proff and perhaps ur not into it..or may be u hv deserted it....u deserve to be in sm exam cracking proff....and be a exam cracker
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 20:28
To Mr. 37 yes sir ur right.. i hv given the exam and i dont feel wot Mr. 35 is saying is correct. yes the college is under staffed, no adequate infra is there...So plz BCI put us in the same plain and then hit us with this kind of question...I kn to many it might seems like that ..wot kind of student we might be whi even cant answer this kind of question....but bro its true the question was not hard but it was not easy even...........
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 20:31
sorry the postinf in #37 was for Mr. S Saha....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 21:32
I think your answer to Q 28 is wrong barhacker.. Please clarify..
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-14 22:52
we have supplied the relevant page numbers so that you can cross check our answers from the BCI material. please clarify as to what is your doubt or for what reason you think the answer is wrong, then we can help you better.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 00:15
To Mr.37 & 38-

brothers, then let us wait for the results of the AIBE. I will not say whether bar exam is unconstitutional or not coz it is still sub judice in SC. let the SC decide its constitutionality. and if u think that the exam was tough to pass then BCI has rightly conducted the exam to test the 'eligibility' of law graduates to enter into the Bar.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 00:24
To Mr. 42... i can understand y u wont open ur mouth regarding the SC matter...Do u kn wot is the reason y the matter is not been taken up in SC? perhaps no...coz u dont kn the practical reality... and if the results r overwhelmingly good in NE region i will be the most happiest person.....coz i belong from that place.... so let me mk this clr to u firstly.... and if u say that BCI has rightly held this exam....then i think they sh hv made u gv this exam ...or u sh had the courage to sit for the exam and prove that u r eligible to practice unlike other whom u dont think that they sh be here..........
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+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 00:33
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+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 00:41
Q 97 THE ANS MAY BE 'A' plz see ....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 00:51
To mr.43

may be I am not experienced like u to understand the dark realities of like. but I want to inform u that I also have appeared in this exam on 6th march & I also belong from NE region.many of my college friends from NER also appeared & came out satisfactorily.our center was kolkata.The concept of AIBE was always good but the modus operandi of conducting the exam by BCI was never good.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:02
The fact that 31 marks in Part 1 and 9 marks in part 2 was not informed to us initially and neither the same was mentioned in the question paper.In the interest of justice may i request the authorities to evaluate on the basis of total score of 40 marks(as informed earlier) instead of making bifurcations
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:16
TO MR.45

brother, in Q.97 ABC Ltd is a public limited company.if it would have been private then it would be ABC Pvt. Ltd. the legal principle in the given question talks about only private companies. so ans is option E.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:20
agree with #44
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 01:24
Brother Mr. saha ...dont u feel the answer to q 80 will be c
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:26
Agree with #47. even I came to know about this part-wise min marks division 1 week before the exam.the friend who informed me said he read this FAQ of BCI website. so the question paper should have expressly mention this division of marks.moreover the subjects of part 2 were more of specialization nature rather than being basic law subjects. so I also urge to BCI to evaluate the answer sheet as a whole & not part wise as many of our fellow advocate brothers did not know about this marks distribution.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:29
TO MR 50

yes I feel. I have answered C in Q 80.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 01:31
Brother would u mind if we match each other answers
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:35
Wot about Q 94 ..WONT IT BE 'B'
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 01:40
TO Mr. S Saha.. see i know about my state in NE and all the students have appear in gyh not kol...may be u hv people of better merit there...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 01:42
exactly brother ........for Q 94 ans will be B
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 01:44
one more problem is there in OMR if a persn has answered correctly and the computer couldnt read it..i mean the shading..then he will not get that mark......brothers dont u think ..this is too much to ask from us...our futures will be decided by this.....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 01:49
wot do u think about 89 ..wont it be A
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 04:31
arre lex suprema what what do u think what do u think, write why you think the answer provided here is wrong if you think it is wrong!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anoop Prakash 2011-03-15 04:51
Dear Mr. Saha/fellow advocates,
The criteria of 'division of question paper into two units' as well as 'unit wise passing marks' (31, & 9 respectively) is no where mentioned in question paper. It is a genuine ground for judicial intervention. File a writ in your high court tomorrow itself so that it may be heard on 16th morning as results will be declared only on 16th evening or afterwards.

I volunteer to help in drafting, it can be done just in two hours.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 06:08
sorry barhacker.......i was discussing it with one Mr. Saha...so i guess it left u clue less....by theway ..just check the question i have put on here....then we can discuss...i can be wrong even....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 kianganz 2011-03-15 06:32
Comment #59 was from Harbacker, not Barhacker I believe...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 06:37
he he he he.....i kn i kn..but it was u who pointed out first tm.....good eye over that kian....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 06:43
I have send one email on 3rd June 2010, On 16 June I received answer with link that please read your answer on following link. I asked him regarding same question passing marks out of 100 & any other criteria.

Please read question no. 28 in bar exam faq on bar council website.

28. Is there a separate cut-off in the All India Bar Examination for different subjects or sections?

Is there a separate cut-off in the All India Bar Examination for different subjects or sections?

Advocates need to get at least thirty-one (31) marks in the first section, comprising the ‘Category I’ subjects, and at least nine (9) marks in the second section, comprising the ‘Category II’ subjects. Do note, however, that this issue is being finalised with the Expert Committee set up by the Bar Council of India.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 06:43
kian do u hv ny idea about weather BCI/RM will post the answers or will adopt these answers....
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 06:53
The fact that 31 marks in Part 1 and 9 marks in part 2 was not informed to us initially and neither the same was mentioned in the question paper.

Do note, however, that this issue is being finalised with the Expert Committee set up by the Bar Council of India - as written in BCI Faq Sheet.

Confusion again ???
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 07:36
To mr.55

Now I think more discussion on this matter will be fruitless. I pray to God that may we all pass out with flying colors in AIBE. But I request you to show the AIBE question paper to one senior lawyer of ur town & ask him whether it was a hard nut to crack for an entry level lawyer.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 07:45
To Mr. Anoop Prakash

Thanks for lending ur support brother. But I just don't want to create multiplicity of proceedings by filing another writ. Now as all of us have already appeared in the bar exam, we r just waiting for the results. Where the constitutionality bar exam itself is in consideration before the delhi hc & sc, it is now needless to further drag this matter in another court.moreover BCI is saying that the marks division is still under consideration before an expert committee of BCI.so we are not sure either whether BCI will evaluate acc. to the 31 & 9 marks criteria.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-15 07:46
to mr saha....hv u checked the question wh i hv put here
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 08:27
Another Point :

The twist lies in Fact No. 28 in Faq Sheet which was not mentioned even in Preparation Material(Book 1 & 2) supplied by BCI,Rainmaker though other details about the AIBE was mentioned therein.

A ground for another writ as most of the students were unaware of this fact.(or, it was left hidden intentionally to decrease the pass percentage)
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-15 23:31
The pattern of question paper was mentioned in the preparatory material but no where it was mentioned that there will be bifurcation of marks in part 1 and part 2.Indeed the question paper also did not mention the same.FAQ section cannot be relied upon as the basis for this as most of the students have only gone through the rules mentioned in the preparatory material and question paper.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 00:33
Clarification needed from legallyindia.com:

I called to BCI last week about result declaration. They told me that results will be declared on 20th march. They also informed me that BCI chairman never declared that results will be out on 16th march as you have mentioned in your above mentioned news.They said this is a false news.They advised me follow only BCI website.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 kianganz 2011-03-16 00:44
All I can reportis that Gopal Subramanium said several times in the interview that results should be out by 16 March.

If the BCI is now saying 20th March through other channels, it was either an internal miscommunication within the BCI on the timelines or there has been a delay or complications in the marking since our conversation with the BCI chairman.

I will try to follow up and find out the latest stance.

Best regards
Kian, Legally India
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anoop Prakash 2011-03-16 00:56
Dear Friend, Mr. Sanjeev Sachdeva, standing counsel of BCI, submitted before hon'ble court, quoting Mr. Subramaniam, that results will be out on 16th march. So I may say that results will be out on that day. I believe the very submission genuine, not a hoax one.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 01:40
To Mr. Anoop Prakash

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.But today also I called BCI & surprisingly they said that results will be out on 20th & not on 16th.May be the person who attended the call doesn't know about this fact.I also believe the submission of Mr. Sachdeva.However, matter will be clear tomorrow if results r declared.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 02:32
To kian ganz:

How can u allow such abusive/derogatory language used by #36 to be published on ur site? is it a comment?! how it is relevant?! I am astonished how u published this !! I also think #36 is not a person from legal profession.I think u should remove this comment immediately. This is a forum for healthy discussion & exchange of opinion.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 manojballb@gmail.com 2011-03-16 04:58
oh my God even good students would have needed books to solve these problems. if these would have intiated by BCI Bfore half of the population of indian lawyers would have been trying to clear this exams till now. on the serious note this is very positive step of BCI.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 07:20
Dear Mr. Kian,

I am thinking to send you the mail regarding the EBCI results. I read you msg in comments and thanks for that.
Mr. GS stated that on his own words
"Subramanium (pictured) told Legally India that the first All India Bar Exam’s (AIBE) results would be announced on 16 March. “On 15th itself I’ll be checking the results myself. This is a completely computerised process but even then I’m having the protocol to check everything out.”

Are they going declare tomorrow or not?

One more thing, most of the people who appeared EBCI exam are having some doubts about the answers. Whatever the questions are in confusion the BCI must consider and award 5 marks for that so that it will benefit some of them whoever marked the answer doubtfully. This step will ease their tension.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 14:09
As for the cut off, while the BCI is well within its rights to set the benchmark as high or low as it chooses, it has no right to sophisticate or be equivocal about the terms, which clearly seems to be the case with the exam FAQ on its site as far as it relates to the cut off: "Do note, however, that this issue is being finalised with the Expert Committee set up by the Bar Council of India."

That sentence should have been supplanted with something more definitive well before the exam. The fact that it is still there as a reminder of the BCI's ineptitude and unprofessional ism says a lot about the change they want to introduce to the profession.

Its initial unwillingness to declare results also raises serious concerns about the presence of some ulterior motives on its part.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 21:02
when will get the result of aibe
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 23:42 Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 23:48
Mr. Rao what is EBCI exam? and dont you think your suggestion to award '5 marks' is really funny! do you think we are joking here!! please dont give such impractical suggestions. AIBE faq's mentioned the 31: 9 division. so no way BCI should budge from it! I wonder how come in 3 and half hours people could not attempt 31:9 division given the paper was so basic. please keep in mind AIBE was not a competitve examination like IIT/medical.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 23:56
Ok!! So they have put a link on the site for the AIBE result!! but it does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-16 23:58

check the link...apparently AIBE results but it asks for some password...KIAN take a look!!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 kianganz 2011-03-17 00:06
I assume it is not yet fully live or the BCI will email candidates their individual passwords...?

I have sent an SMS to the BCI chairman this morning but no response yet.

Best wishes and good luck!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:13
no.82.Please understand that question is not as to who can attempt both the parts rather it is whether this fact was duly informed to the students or not.FAQ section in the website cannot be considered to form a concrete basis of the rules of the exam rather this fact should be clearly presented in the prep material and as well as the question paper.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:15
now what is this password to get the aibe result? why BCI r making things unnecessarily complicated? help from Mr. kian ganz needed.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:17
AIBE faq's mentioned the 31: 9 division. so no way BCI should budge from it! I wonder how come in 3 and half hours people could not attempt 31:9 division given the paper was so basic.

Who are you to decide.It was not even mentioned in Prep. Materials and QS paper.

So try to talk in logical manner.
Law is not only presumtion.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:26
well I am an student to decide upon it who was not informed about this fact.You said it rightly that law is not presumption and therefore it cannot be presumed that the the ratio of 31:9 have to be obtained in order to pass unless the same is informed to us in priority and in writing and not by way of FAQs.
correct me no.88 if I am illogical..
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:41
Can someone please let me know if the 31:9 minimum marks crietria a hoax or a fact? This was mentrioned nowhere in the preparatory materials or the Question booklet too. This is unconstitutional,how can they keep such a rule so low? I attempted a total of 85 questions so there is no way I can pass if this rule stands valid. also,is the result out already? PLEASE HELP !
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:44
It was quite logical of anyone to throughly go through the BCI website before sitting for such an exam which has been conducted after so much uncertainties. The course books also stated that one should go through the website of BCI and din't this question click your minds when you tried to find out what is the minimum requirement.

Though this can be a mistake but law does not comes to the rescue of one who is not vigilant enough.
And secondly getting correct in second part was not tough man.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 00:53
No.90 the same is my position too..me too was not aware of this fact and therefore have attempted very limited questions in the second part.Now we are at the disposal of BCI and we can only request the authorities to take care of this very important fact while declaring the results..
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:19
I agree with #91. Time & again BCI was saying regularly get urself updated through BCI site. this is carelessness on the part of those candidates who didn't know about this 31:9 division. "Vigilantibus non dormantibus jura subvenient" applies here. Law helps those who r vigilant & not indolent.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:25
To #90

Waah!! how quickly it is decided one thing is unconstitutional which is still under consideration!! right to speedy trial perfectly implemented!! Persons like #90 should directly be recruited as supreme court judges. This is their right place!
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:26
Mr. 82, Dear Intelligent,
Since long time I am reading the comments in this site. A small thing also you people are making an issue why don't u think and understand may be it is typographical error. Even SC also accepts typographical errors.

2nd thing, I read some comments from other participants that there is confusion in some questions and the answers marked doubtfully. There is nothing wrong in asking. For your kind information I don't need that 5 marks, I make a comment in general so, you don't need to take it serious. OK be sportive my dear friend.
Thanks for your comment.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anoop Prakash 2011-03-17 01:27
Talked to BCI Office, Result download link given on website confirmed, however results are coming only on 20th, hence its a hoax link as on day.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:31
@#91 and #93..Speaking more logically,it is mandatory for the question booklet to have this rule! Even in the preparatory material that we received,this rule wasnt mentioned. Why do u think most of us are complaining about the matter? I beg your pardon but not the entire slot of young lawyers are fools. I just called at the BCI number and they say this was mentioned in the FAQs.For heaven's sake,who goes through the FAQs regularly? We went through the rules carefully and NOWHERE was this mentioned ! What about those candidates who dont even have access to the internet? Please get your facts right and dont blame us for not being vigilant. Such rules are supposed to be spelt out clearly and loudly and should not be left for the students to figure out on their own ! Im surprised that you are even defending the negligence on the part of the BCI
@#92-Dont worry bud,most of us aggrieved because of this. We will do something about this. Its highly disappointing how the BCI was not careful enough in spelling out its basic rules.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:43
No.92 I fully agree with you and support your reasoning,i would like to add here that unless the law is promulgated it is of no use.In this case there was no promugation as this rule was never anounced officially nor was notified in the question paper or prep material.Thanks no. 97 for the support
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:48
talked to BCI. they saying results may come by 2mrw evening. total confusion!! perhaps 20/03/11 is the right date.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:53
Going through the FAO regularly is not possible but reading it atleast once knowing very well that the exam are being conducted for the very first time is neglegience on the face of it.

When everyone was critising BCI since the inception of this idea to conduct this exam how could the people be so sure about the passing criteria without going through the website.

It is always the duty of a lawyer to go through the original text and not to believe on what other says or what others interpret.

This plea can be accepted in cases where the student has no access to the internet but not in this case where the students have all the time in the world to discuss on such a portal and not go through the website even once before sitting for an exam which would decide their right to practise.

Even if accepting the fact that BCI has been negligent the students equally are. Diferrent exams have different passing criterias so this would logically appear to anyone before sitting in a exam what the criteria is and whenever such question would arise a person would either look up at the website or call up the helpline no and i guess even the students who did not have access to internet had access to telephone lines atleast .

Ending this i feel that BCI would not disappoint the students so i guess they would consider an overall 40 marks criteria else students would resort to filling writs adding the burden of the judiciary.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:57
to #94
Thank you,I am flattered. Only if your sarcasm mattered !
Just for the record, this "rule" was only mentioned in the FAQs..I would like to point out that even there,it was clearly said that the rule is still under the scrutiny of the expert committee. Any sensible logical person will consider this unconstitutional. I pity if you cant reason that out
@ #98-The BCI can definitely act arbitrary if they want,but as long as the question paper does not specify this,we have a very valid cause of action. I work for a well-reputed law firm and all my colleagues(out of who some have as much as 15 years of experience) have the same to say. Its unfortunate that we are being blamed for being careless,Id rather blame the BCI! Talk about sense of reasoning man!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 01:58
To #97

I am sympathetical with ur position. I agree that question paper must mention this. those who don't have internet access is a valid ground. those who r having internet, don't u think as a lawyer we should be vigilant? as a lawyer we have to think & analyse from every angle.this is also an exam.every case is an exam for a lawyer.simple negligence on ur part & ur client will suffer.many things in the prep material was also wrong & insufficient.so does it mean we can't rectify it & study on our own?? & regarding "Im surprised that you are even defending the negligence on the part of the BCI" I must say the idea of aibe was always good but the modus operandi of conducting aibe by bci was never good. Don't worry. I pray to God that may we all pass out with flying colors.After all it is a bonafide mistake.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 02:07
wot will happen by merely writing here!!! do u think.....bci will read from here n will consider for the advocates.........brother s forget about the results ...just keep on practicing.......the entire thing is a scam....n which will be unearthed one day or the other......wotever may be the result just conti with u r practice.......
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 02:53
FAQ section is not static as it may change at any point of time depending upon the questions asked unlike the rules of the exam which form an integral part of the prep material and the question paper(being consistent).Assume if such question about part 1 and part 2 was never put up or there may be innumerous questions which have never been put up with BCI but may be relevant in respect of this exam.
Secondly if I have visited the website of BCI-FAQ section before such question was put up then what?Or it is expected from every candidate to visit the FAQ section a minute before sitting for the exam ?
The FAQ section cannot be treated as rules for the exam.In simple language

FAQ-Directive Principles(not enfo)
Rules of Exam- Fundamental Rights(enfoc)
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-17 03:48
wot is this password again...........in the link......
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 03:51
BCI can not stick to what they say??? such a shame....a statement given in the court of law has to be adhered otherwise it will be considered as a contempt of court...
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 lex suprema 2011-03-17 03:59
can ny1 say wots the password.......
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 kianganz 2011-03-17 04:03
Just spoke to GS, results due to be out tonight or tomorrow.


Good luck!
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 05:10
is there any grace marks?
for pass
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 05:18
I seems that you are trying to hide a serious omission committed (31:9 pass mark division ) by BCI which may put the future of considerable no. of students hanging on thread.

You cannot blame the students for a fault of BCI.
Internet penetration in India is about 6.9 % and it is obviously not the sole criteria to become a lawyer.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 08:35
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 10:16
to #110

brother, every time blaming the bci would be to spit in the sky which will fall on ur face. bci is managed by lawyers & we r lawyers. people from us r becoming state bc & bci members.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 10:58
Some of the students have tried entering their AIBE roll numbers for p/w and have apparently been successful, but the link itself is seldom staying alive long enough
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-17 18:56
Absolutely Right.
You seem to be the "ultimate would be Chairman" of BCI.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-18 01:57
@ 114

may your dream come true...ameen.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-18 04:48
To #115 Mr Lawman,
Ever heard of sarcasm Sir? Thats what #114 is clearly indicating..If u r considering the 31:9 marks demarcation as fair and justified,then you cant possibly be the Chairman of BCI..Else,the next few years would be just worse dan this..Its funny how you are considering an unclear statement as a rule..Talk logic Mister !
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-18 07:33
Your analysis and evaluation of the first AIBE is real good.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-18 09:07

When did I wish to become BCI chairman? It is a respected fellow member(#114) who wants to see me as BCI chairman !! I don't know sarcasm.I wish to learn it from you. I think u r a lawyer as well as an astrologer.So u have foreseen my future to be very dark.Nice.u r multi-talented.Don't take so much stress.u r already ms stressed !! 31:9 marks distribution was never unjustified.but it was not informed properly to the examinees before the exam.
Reply | Quote | Report to LI | #  link
+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-18 21:40
To # 118 Lawman-
Yeah you definitely must learn sarcasm because u still dont understand that #114 aint saying he WANTS to see you as the chairman..He totally meant otherwise. And I dont need to be an astrologer to see your future,its very evident from your comments. Someone with no sense of reasoning definitely aint the best future BCI Chairman for our country. Yuo neednt tell me if I ned to take stress or no,you are the last person I'd like to take advice from. And once again,31:9 ratio aint unjustified,in any way. Its funny how you still havent understood that our only grievance is that it wasnt INFORMED ! An unclear statement in the FAQ section cant be considered a rule ! I dont know what is so difficult to understand in that !
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-19 09:30
@ #119

Aaaahhhh!! I got a heart attack after reading your comment.
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-21 22:23
Get off the website and do some work dude..How unconstructive are you? Just for your record,what you were so insisting on didnt happen..I passed with 82% and the 31:9 criteria wasnt followed ..Guess the BCI has more reasoning than you..Im sure u r very disappointed,tch tch..Anyway, now that Im done,I wont be logging on here again..But im sure you would be since you've got nothing better to do..So go on,talk to yourself..Mr LAWMAN(Good for nothing) Ha ! Back at you !
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+0 -0 Anonymous guest 2011-03-22 11:35
to #121

why r u being so frustrated?? calm down, be cool!! u got 82 marks..I got 85 marks..I am still in support of AIBE & 31:9 marks..and I also won't log in to here any more after this..but u seem to be very interested to log in here to view my comments.."Get off the website and do some work "...dont take so much stress..if I need astrological advice in future I'll contact u..bye bye..
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+0 -0 VIRENDRA JANARDAN 2011-07-25 11:35
please give answer july 2010 bar exam
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+0 -0 Nalin 2012-06-23 15:42
Whats your problem boss? If a few easy questions get put out there, wheres the harm
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