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Just Be

Disclaimer: This poem has got NOTHING to do with law. Law aspirants can have other thoughts, right?

For one day,

let's be quiet;

let's not blabber away to infinity.

For one day,

let's not brood over the past;

let's not plan a dream called Future.

For one day,

let's assume it to be our last;

let's just live our life.

For one day,

let's not glare at the watch;

let's not hurry.

For one day,

let's not run;

let's just walk.

For one day,

let's not pant and sigh;

let's just breathe.

For one day,

let's not cringe at the wretched mirror;

let's try to see within.


For one day,

let's not live on the scales;

let's not care. 

For one day,

let's not compare; 

let's acknowledge our uniqueness.

For one day,

let's cast away futile vanity;

let's shun pretense.

For one day,

let's avoid attempting to calculate the value of every priceless relationship;

let's not complicate things;

let's believe in the power of simple unqualified love.

For one day,

let's not hide behind the mask of lies and hypocrisy;

let's seek the truth.

For one day,

let's not complain;

let's be the change we want to see.

For one day,

let's lock up wisdom and throw away the key;

let's bring back that innocence. 

For one day,

let's feel the raindrops on our skin;

let's laugh out loud.

For one day,

let's not think about covering the world;

let's not run away from ourselves;

let's travel inside to discover who we really are.

For one day,

let's not exist;

let's live. 

For one day,

let's take pride in being ourselves;

let's just be.

I'm a law aspirant destined to face and crack CLAT 2011... I think a lot... Sometimes deep and philosophical, and rest of the times just too random... I'm confused, worried, scared and deliberately oblivious of so many things... But then, as my favourite Barney Stinson says, "When I get sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome instead!" :D :D :D
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  • rushab
    rushab Sunday, 10 Oct 10

    Beautiful poem.. Thoughtful.

  • ClatCracker
    ClatCracker Sunday, 10 Oct 10


    thank you :)

  • Guest
    Anonymous guest Thursday, 21 Oct 10


    Your poem touches the soft corner inside every hard core lawyer. Thanks for giving us a good reading.

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